WWE's The Big Show to Star in Netflix Family Sitcom

In a surprising announcement, semi-retired WWE wrestler The Big Show will star in a new family sitcom for Netflix, entitled The Big Show Show. To an extent, professional wrestling has always been a big man's game. While there are many legendary wrestlers of small stature, being a giant always makes it easier to get your foot in the door. Case in point is Paul "The Big Show" Wight, who caught the eye of Hulk Hogan, and was subsequently hired by WCW executive Eric Bischoff.

Wight debuted in 1995 as The Giant, winning the WCW World Championship in his first ever match, which was against Hogan. Thankfully, Wight quickly took to the scripted sport, and by 1999, had made the jump to the then-WWF, right near the height of the Attitude Era. Newly dubbed The Big Show, Wight has gone on to have a career most wrestlers would be jealous of, holding multiple world titles, and squaring off against the best of the best from multiple time periods.

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While The Big Show has never officially announced his retirement from the ring, he's at least semi-retired, wrestling only rarely in recent years. His last match to date came on a November 2018 edition of SmackDown, teaming with The Bar against The New Day. Now, Big Show seems to be moving on to the next phase of his career in entertainment. As reported by Deadline, the gargantuan wrestler is set to star in a new Netflix family sitcom, amusingly entitled The Big Show Show. The first season is set to run for 10 episodes, and begin filming August 9.

Braun Strowman and The Big Show WWE Raw

The Big Show Show clearly isn't trying to reinvent the sitcom wheel, as it comes complete with a pretty standard setup. Wight plays a fictionalized version of himself, a retired WWE superstar whose world is turned upside down when his teenage daughter moves into a house already containing him, his wife, and their two other daughters. Not the most creative premise, but with sitcoms, it's all about whether the show is funny, and it could be, as Wight has demonstrated comic timing during his wrestling career.

Naturally, WWE Studios is producing The Big Show Show for Netflix, but this will be far from Wight's first foray into the acting world. Wight played a giant, angry Santa Claus in the Arnold Schwarzenegger cult favorite Jingle All the Way, turned up in Adam Sandler's comedy The Waterboy, has appeared in several WWE-produced films, and more recently has recurred on Syfy's bizarre series Happy!. Being the star will be a mostly new experience for Wight, but clearly Netflix sees potential in the idea.

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Source: Deadline

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