'WWE 2K16' Adds Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Option

WWE 2K16, the latest in video game developer 2K Sports long line of wrestling games, is slated to hit shelves in Fall 2015, and will, as always, allow players the opportunity to play as many of their favorite WWE personalities and characters. In addition, as has long been the case with video games within the sports genre, 2K16 will let players create their own wrestling avatars through the series' featured character customization options.

WWE fans have long been allowed to play as well established, muscle bound champions of the ring in the 2K Sports line, but the seventeenth installment in the series comes with an added bonus for those lucky devotees who pre-order the game before its October 2015 release date.

In a promotional video (seen above) released online by the developers behind 2K16, 2K Sports fans are teased with footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger (circa Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) prowling the biker bar from the beginning of that film looking for some new dreads to wear. After this short clip from the film cuts to black, wrestling fans are promised that everyone's favorite T-800 cyborg will be a featured and playable character in WWE 2K16, provided players pre-order the title from a reputable video game distributor.

The latest title in the 2K Sports series of games from the world of the WWE is set to include the largest roster of playable characters yet, including over 120 different computer-generated models, which is nearly double that of the last game which offered a mere 67. What's more, that count does not include any future DLC player packages still to be announced, so the total tally may yet grow for 2K Sports fans. For many, that makes WWE 2K16 the wrestling game to own this year, with the added bonus of playing as Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 Terminator.

Terminator Movie Timeline Explained

Even if you're not a WWE aficionado (or are not a fan of sports games based on principle), the added enticement of playing as The Terminator in the latest wrestling simulator from 2K Sports is an offer that is pretty attractive. Who wouldn't want to go a few rounds with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, provided you could bend him over backward with the steely grip of Schwarzenegger's titular killing machine?

Terminator Genisys may have been a disappoint for many fans of the Terminator movie franchise, but maybe playing as the T-800 in the WWE wrestling ring (or perhaps pummeling him into oblivion) will help you forget whatever transgressions that film might have committed.

WWE 2K16 will be available to own on October 27th, 2015.

Source: WWE 2K

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