Wu-Tang: An American Saga: Top 10 Moments From Season One

The first season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga was a rousing success, and here are our top 10 favorite moments.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga's first season told the story of a group of MCs from different sections of Staten Island who came together to form one of the biggest acts in music history. Hulu not only gave fans a great behind the scenes storylines, but they also did their best work when it came to casting.

Through the first 10 episodes of Season 1, Wu-Tang: An American Saga provided fans with scenes that were either funny, heartfelt, or just full of amazement.

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Here are the top 10 Moments from Season 1 of Wu-Tang: American Saga

10 Divine Getting Locked Up

Not the actual scene of Divine getting locked up but the meaning behind it all. It gave fans a glimpse into two different important situations for Wu-Tang: American Saga.  The first was Bobby being thrown into the man of the house role. Divine always made sure the rent and bills were paid. However, with him being gone, it forced Boddy to take the "family business" a bit more serious.

The other was the short introduction to another member of the Clan-- Cappadonna. While in jail, Divine crossed paths with Cappadonna in which words were exchanged. On another occasion, the pair came together to hold down Staten Island against another inmate. Will their light friendship be the driving force behind Cap joining the Wu when released?

9 Jerome Coming Home

Not too much of a Wu-Tang moment here but it should have struck a major chord within the black community. The urban lifestyle is often portrayed as one of lost souls and broken families. And for a huge chunk of Season One, viewers had to wonder where were the men in these boys life?

Bobby and Divine's mother was ok with them selling drugs to provide for the family. But for their younger brother Randy, he had two brothers to look up to. Well, that was until his father came knocking at the front door. As I watched, I wondered if he was selling the mom a pipe dream about his plans. But he stood firm, packed his family up and got them off the island.

8 The Tape Thief

In life, there are moments we can see happening, either good or bad. Then there are those times where forces are moving in your direction and we have no idea. For the Wu-Tang Clan, that moment happened the day an intern took home a box of demos. While having a party, a friend grabbed the Wu-Tang demo.

In order for the tape to get just a bit of recognition with her friends, she lied about representing them. Although she lied, her actions set them up for their historic future. But who is she and what has her so drawn to a bunch of strangers she's never met?

7 The True Glimpse Of Ol' Dirty Bastard

With ODB being the only member of the Wu-Tang Clan not alive, many were waiting to see how he would be portrayed. While Dave East was giving rave reviews for his portrayal as Method Man, the real star of Season 1 was T.J. Atoms. Atoms had the tough task of taking on the iconic Ol' Dirty Bastard.

It was on the Staten Island Ferry where we noticed the gold teeth, the hair and his speech. it was ODB all the way. In the great shot of him, Atoms was in his element. He brought out the best of ODB in the Ferry scene and keep it going for the entire first season.

6 Divine Going Back To School

Wu-Tang: An American Saga -- "Cold War" - Episode 105 -- Divine returns home, but it doesn't feel the same. Divine (Julian Elijah Martinez), shown. (Photo by: Hulu)

This was a huge moment not only for Divine but for the future of the group. While Divine started the show as a drug dealer, being released from jail, sort of forced him to fly straight. To some, this scene had little significance. But to those in the know, Divine, without knowing it himself is setting the foundation of the Wu-Tang Clan.

RZA is the glue of the group but Divine is the brains behind it all. Even on the streets, he saw things most didn't before they happened. He knew it was time to clean up his act. In the end, it will become his best decision ever.

5 The Opening Scene

How and why? Those were the two words I had after watching the opening scene of Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Rae and Power driving through Staten Island to shoot up Dennis' house still has original Wu-Tang fans talking 10 episodes later. This was a top moment due to the confusion because all we can do is look at their friendship and chemistry now and wonder, how and why.

It was a wise decision to put this scene first as it set the tone for the entire first season. It showcased why members of the group couldn't get along but most importantly, it showed the tension between the two neighbors on Staten Island and why them coming together as one group was so monumental.

4 The Incident Before The "7th Chamber"

There is always a moment when a team comes to an agreement that a leader is needed. Throughout Season One, everything revolved around the decision-making and friendships that RZA had built with everyone. But one moment was all it took for everyone to realize who they wanted to follow.

While Bobby was dealing with his emotions after being dropped, he lost it in frustration. But it wasn't his actions that made that scene so powerful. It was the look on everyone's faces as they watched. No one tried to stop him as they decided to let him release. It was like watching your parents deal with grown-up stuff knowing you can't do anything to ease their pain.

3 Power Saving Raekwon

To know that we were three minutes away from never hearing Raekwon rap is mindboggling. While dealing with Cressy, Raekwon got caught up in a situation that almost cost him more than his career. In an undercover sting, Cressy and his crew were taken down by police. Right before that happened, Power arrived at the studio and grabbed Raekwon and took him out of the house.

Was it a setup? Yes. The question now is, did Power orchestrate the whole thing? Even if he did, it was a smart play for a guy who had taken Raekwon under his wing. That genius move allowed the world the privilege of hearing one of the best rhyme spitters ever.

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2 RZA Being Dropped From Tommy Boy

It's nothing like seeking revenge and making those that hurt you pay. What RZA did was get his in a non-violent way. Offered a "single deal" by Tommy Boy Records, RZA, known as Prince Rakeem at the time, failed to deliver a hit. By failing the label, he was dropped. It was a heartfelt moment, but one that changed the future.

If RZA had stayed, we may not have known the story of the Wu-Tang Clan. That incident lit a fire under RZA which prompted the MC to let his frustrations out. One moment can change everything and RZA being dropped may have been a defining moment in Hip Hop history.

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1 Recording of 7th Chamber

Sometimes, you have no idea that history is being made at that moment. For the entire first season, RZA tried to get the MC's on the same track. For whatever reason, they all declined. But that moment in the studio after he was dropped for the label was dropped, the Wu-Tang Clan was born with no knowledge of what they created.

Their first track as a group was titled the "7th Chamber". While all the members weren't there, it still set the foundation. RZA, The Genius, ODB, Raekwon, Method Man, and Inspectah Deck is what gave the Wu life in a scene fans had waited all season for.

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