Wu-Tang: An American Saga: 10 Questions We Have After Season 1

It took Hulu one episode to bring the ruckus. With Wu-Tang Clan: American Saga, Hulu took old fans and new ones through a time capsule back when Hip Hop was in its original form. The story of how a group of Staten Island and Brooklyn rappers formed possibly the biggest group in music history was much needed.

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Despite most fans having knowledge of their history, what Hulu portrayed over the initial 10 episodes was an in-depth journey into their humble beginnings. It was a look into their differences, personalities, and struggles to become a fixture in music history. Here are 10 questions we're left with after season one.

10 How Did Raekwon and Ghost Get Their Chemistry

From the first episode, fans were stunned to learn that the pair with the best chemistry on wax, didn't start off that way. Raekwon and Ghostface Killa, in fact, couldn't stand one another. Well, that's putting it mildly. The tag team pair issues ran so deep that Raekwon, in the early stages tried to not only kill Ghostface but his entire family.

What kept viewers glued to the TV weekly was the moment where they would join forces. Sadly, we never got that scene. But with so much animosity between the two, when and how it will get resolved is the big question?

9 Did RZA Actually Shoot Someone

In the Season One finale, RZA shot Attila after he robbed RZA's home and took all his music. With Attila out of prison, he set out on a mission to make Staten Island his personal pawn shop. When Attila made the call to RZA that he wanted 60k for his music, RZA came up with a plan. Sadly, his first idea of a sit down didn't work and only made things worse.

By the end of the episode, RZA and Ghostface devised a planned attack that would force one of them to kill Attila. But in the process, RZA froze in the big moment after shooting Attila in the shoulder. Did this actually happen or was it just a made for TV moment?

8 Will There Be Another Crew Like Wu-Tang

In today's music scene, the simple answer is no? Now, if a label wants to pair 9-10 rappers together, that can be done. However, the Wu-Tang Clan was just different. These guys didn't get along as certain members tried to kill one another. They also managed to come together in a time when everyone and everything tried to keep them apart.

Today, that would be impossible. Every rapper out now almost has the same style. What set the Wu apart was each one was different. From their voice to the rhyme pattern. It's impossible to recreate something like that and be original.

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7 Where Was U-God

U-God is viewed as an official member of Wu-Tang. We learned years ago through documentaries that he and Method Man worked together at the souvenir shop at the Statue of Liberty. But through the first season, we only saw Method Man there and no U-God. Where was he all this time?

In the season finale, Method Man, now off his crutches, went back to work but was told he no longer had a job there. I guess we're led to believe that his job was taken by the other member of the Wu, U-God. If so, how would he be brought into the group in Season Two?

6 How Will The Family React To Ghost and Shurrie Relationship

It was the most well-kept secret throughout the first season. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why? While ages were never discussed, the couple could not have been that far apart. A best friend in love with a sister is not as bad as it used to be. With the cat out the bad, well sort of, how will everyone react?

If the look on non-concern on RZA's face is any indication, the relationship, in general, will not be a problem. However, the pregnancy is what will be a cause for concern. With Shurrie set for college and Ghost still dealing drugs, her mother may have some serious objections.

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5 Does Cappadonna Make His Way In Season 2

Cappadona has always been the mystery member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Besides his unique rhyme style, he just pretty much came out of nowhere and took center stage on Ice Cream. But where did he come from and where was he in Season One?

He made his first appearance in jail with Divine as the two had their issues early. Cappadonna was not involved in "Enter The 36 Chambers" and it appears that's where Season 2 is headed. So does that mean Capoadonna will not make a lengthy appearance until the third season at least?

4 Does Raekwon Convince Power To Change His Ways

In Season One, certain names didn't catch on as fast as the most popular names we've come to know in the group. One that stood out as a mystery for me for a few episodes was Power. Power is best friends and co-drug dealer with Raekwon. Now, ask yourself and do some research as to who started Wu-Wear. Yup, you guessed it, none other than Power himself.

So, if you're looking for him to get killed or spend the rest of his life in jail, think again. He is set to become a huge part of the success of the Wu-Tang Clan. Maybe that's in large part due to his relationship with Raekwon.

3 Will Cressy Seek Revenge

Although this was not Raekwon's fault, Cressy did see Rae and Power in the car and Power just happened to grab Rae out the studio just in time before the raid happened. Now, Cressy was a flashy guy and loved to party which resulted in his own downfall but will he look to blame Rae and Power for the situation he's in?

If that's the case, we learned in Season One how Cressy operates when he feels violated. With the season finale showing Rae in his element in the booth, will Cressy revenge alter any plans moving forward? Or, will that situation be enough to steer Power and Rae toward the music side and leave the street life behind?

2 Why Method Man First

When Wu first hit the scene, fans had a short time to react. It was a nine-member group but each one began as a solo artist. With that, RZA set it up where they all would sign individual deals with other labels but still remain under the Wu umbrella. So, that meant that as a collective group, they had to decide which of the Clan would be the first to drop their solo album. We would find out that Method Man was selected to go first

But after watching Season One and getting to know to Clan better, Method Man may have had the desire more than some of the Clan. But was he actually deserving of the initial release? Why not the Genius or Raekwon? The Genius had already dropped an album so he has the experience. And truth be told, Raekwon is the better rapper than Method. What set Meth apart from Rae was his hunger and energy. Raekwon couldn't leave the streets alone and may have been the reason Johnny Blaze went first.

1 What's Next For Season Two

Season One was just the introduction to the individuals who made up one of the greatest groups in Hip Hop or music history. What is sure to come in Season 2 is the evolution of the Wu-Tang Clan. But first, there are still questions that need to be answered. Fans know the major part of their history but it's the backstories that have fans salivating for next season.

Like how did they bring these individuals together? We were given a quick glimpse at the end during the recording of the "7th Chamber". But how does the record label situation go down and what issue will it bring for them as they maneuver from street life to rappers?

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