Wu Assassins: 10 Questions We Still Have After Season 1

Iko Uwais in Wu Assassins Netflix

This August Netflix introduced us to Wu AssassinsSet in a similar universe as MCU show favorites like Jessica Jones, it fulfilled our superhero cravings. On a whole, it seems like a better version of The Iron Fist. Kai, our reluctant hero, is chosen to be the last Wu Assassin. He's tasked with the duty to kill all of the Wu Warlords in order to restore balance and save the world.

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The Wu Warlords have taken the power of the elements, one element per warlord, and it's creating an abuse of power and chaos. Although he has good friends (Jenny, Tommy, and Lu Xin), a police ally (CG), and a teacher (Ying Ying), his task proves complicated. This is especially true when one of the Wu Warlords turns out to be his father.

The show kept us watching through the well-choreographed fight scenes, the complicated family and friend histories, the epic tale, and the hero's journey. However, after watching, some of our questions are still unanswered.

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Iko Uwais in Wu Assassins Netflix
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10 Are the Wu Assassins Chosen by their Proximity to a Warlord?

Iko Uwais in Wu Assassins Netflix

While Ying Ying tells Kai that he was chosen due to his purity of heart, something seems to not ring completely true. Although Kai is kind and pure of heart, he also is very close to the Fire Wu. Ying Ying is strategic. She has been waiting and seeing Wu Assassins fail hundreds of times, so it would make sense that she'd start to choose Wu Assassins that are close to those they need to kill. After all, Alec had the Water Wu after him, so he also was in proximity to a warlord.

9 How Long Has Kai and Uncle Six's Relationship Been Strained?

Say what you will about Uncle Six, he governs his part of town with an iron fist (pun intended), but he loves Kai. He would do anything for Kai, and he would rather die than have Kai harmed. We know that young Kai accepted Uncle Six, and adult Kai wants almost nothing to do with his father. When did this happen? Was it soon after the fire when Uncle Six became the Fire Wu or was it later? This makes us wonder how long Uncle Six has been trying to get in Kai's good graces. Their relationship appears to be one of mutual love, even despite all the challenges.

8 Why Does Ying Ying Not Change Her Teachings?

Since Alec, current Wood Wu, was once a Wu Assassin, it is said that he knows everything that Kai was taught. If this is true, this means that Ying Ying has been teaching the same things and in the same way for hundreds of years. Perhaps, this is the reason that the Wu Assassins have failed. As the saying goes, if you do what you have always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

7 Who Was the Newest Warlord?

Could it be that the newest warlord activated the Wu Assassin? We know that Uncle Six has been the Fire Wu for decades, and during that time he hasn't encountered a Wu Assassin. We know that the Earth Wu has had the Wu for generations, and also has been safe from the Wu Assassin.

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Who then triggered the Wu Assassin to be chosen? Maybe it was the unity of the warlords that triggered it. Still, we'd like to know who was the newest warlord of all.

6 Why Do the Others Consider the Wood Warlord the Leader?

Alec gathers the Wu Warlords. Both the Metal and Water Wu willingly give up their powers for him. He wants to return to see his family, and they sacrificed their powers in order to help him with his mission. This could be seen as somewhat compassionate. We wonder what created that compassion and loyalty. All in all, we don't really know Metal and Water's motives. We also don't know why all refer to him as the leader. Maybe wood is considered the most powerful element?

5 How Does Kai Get Over His No-Killing Stance So Easily?

"You're not a killer," Uncle Six says to a young Kai when the previous big brother of the Triad ordered Kai to kill someone. Kai struggled to shoot, and Uncle Six did it for him. Uncle Six says this statement in a positive light; he likes that Kai isn't a killer.

Ying Ying pushes Kai to kill, and he tells her that he isn't a killer. Yet, suddenly he kills and kills easily. As this no-killing seemed a key part of Kai's identity, it's strange that it's gone now. This could mean that he is closer to becoming like Uncle Six than ever before.

4 What Were the Rest of Earth Wu's Interview Questions?

The Earth Wu kidnaps and interviews those he deems as having potential to be the next Earth Wu. He's crazy, but he is an environmentalist wanting the Earth to be protected. Unlike the other Wu Warlords, the Earth Wu has been passed down through generations in one family. The Earth Wu's son is a disappointment, so the Earth Wu is looking at outside candidates. The interviews are as funny as they are tragic, but we would watch a bonus reel of the Earth Wu asking questions and reacting to the interviewees.

3 Why Don't We See More of the Monk Faces and Powers?

As the Wu Assassin, Kai inherited the power of a thousand monks. In addition, when needed their faces cloak his so that he's protected. However, we only see a few (and mainly one) of the monks' faces. This felt like a missed opportunity.

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We would like to know more about the monks and if they share Ying Ying's stark thoughts and teachings. Hopefully, we'll see more of their faces and powers in another season.

2 Does the Wu Power Corrupt Whoever Wields It?

At one point, Kai tells Uncle Six that he could have done good with the Fire Wu power, rather than using it to kill, coerce, and harm people. Kai thinks that your intentions may change the Wu, that the Wu is neither good or bad, and the Warlord determines how they use the power. However, just by having the Wu power, the Warlord upsets the balance. Briefly, Jenny is the Fire Wu. Could she have used it less destructively?  Uncle Six wasn't as bad as before he was the Fire Wu, something that Kai tells him. This could mean that power corrupts.

1 Will the Four Friends Stay Close?

Kai, Lu Xin, Jenny, and Tommy are close. Besides growing up together, they lived through tragedies, and can count on each other. The series ends with them sharing a meal. This is supposed to be a family tradition, but they seem a bit more separate than before. Lu Xin steps out to get a smoke. Tommy and Jenny leave the table for a bit, and Kai is alone when Ying Ying comes up to him to tell him that his job isn't done yet. We wonder what this means for our four friends, and Kai's potential romance with Jenny. Our bets are that it will be a bumpy ride for all.

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