What To Expect From Wu Assassins Season 2

Here's when you can expect Wu Assassins season 2 to release and what the story will be. Netflix's martial arts fantasy show, created by Tony Krantz and John Wirth, follows the story of aspiring San Francisco chef Kai Jin (Iko Uwais) who one day is chosen to become the Wu Assassin. The job of the Wu Assassin is to defeat individuals using the powers of the five Wu Xing elemental pieces - which allow you to control fire, water, earth, wood, or metal. To keep the Wu Assassin's true identity a secret, his face is masked with the face of a prior monk when necessary.

For season one of Wu Assassins, Kai has two primary threats, with their villainy roughly divided up to half of the 10 episode season each. The first half sees Uncle Six (Byron Mann), the leader of the Chinese Triad and Fire Wu, take on the antagonist role. Kai is supposed to kill the fellow Wu wielders, but he cannot do that to his adopted father. After Uncle Six learns that Kai is the Wu Assassin, the two eventually form a partnership. This group also includes Jenny Wah (Li Jun Li), Tommy Wah (Lawrence Kao), Lu Xin Lee (Lewis Tan), and Christine Gavin (Katheryn Winnick). They then unite around a common enemy, Alec McCullough (Tommy Flanagan).

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Alec is a fellow crime boss trying to make San Francisco his own and is also the Wood Wu. He has been alive for centuries, thanks to his healing abilities. Alec's goal is to go back in time and be with his family, which can only be done by collecting the necessary pieces to activate a gate to the Path. Alec is able to access a plane that exists between Earth and heaven called the Path, but Kai defeats him before his actions become permanent. Victorious in his mission to disarm all Wu wielders, Kai goes back to his days of being a chef. The story isn't completely tied up though, as there is a tease for another adventure at the end of the finale. Here's what we know about season 2 of Wu Assassins.

Wu Assassins Season 2 Renewal

Netflix has not yet renewed Wu Assassins for a second season at this point. The series is still brand new and being discovered, so the chances of another season will rely on the response. With a talented cast and fantasy elements, Wu Assassins is not a cheap show to make. If Netflix is going to bring the series back for a second season, then it will need to find its audience in the coming weeks and get a strong enough of a following for them to warrant moving forward. Based on previous Netflix renewals, it's likely they'll announce Wu Assassins' future in the next couple of months.

Wu Assassins Season 2 Release Date Info

Iko Uwais in Wu Assassins Netflix

Since Wu Assassins season 2 has not yet been announced, there is no confirmed release date either. If Netflix is happy enough with the performance of the series to greenlight more episodes within the next few months, then a second season would likely debut in this same Summer release window. Of course, there is also the chance that Netflix could look to move the series to a different spot on the release calendar.

Wu Assassins Season 2 Story Details

If Wu Assassins season 2 does happen, then it appears that the creators and writers already have some inklings on what story they'll tell next based on the season 1 finale. The season ends with Kai being greeted in the real world by the original Wu Assassin and his spiritual mentor Ying Ying (Celia Au), who tells him that there is still a threat out there that needs him to be the Wu Assassin. While it appeared Kai gave up his powers before his fight with Alec, it is possible he retained them when coming back or that he will regain them in season 2.

The arrival of Ying Ying causes Jenny and Tommy Wah's restaurant to start shaking, which results in pieces of the ceiling to begin falling. They recently remodeled the building, so more repairs or moving on from the family business altogether could be part of their arcs in Wu Assassins season 2. Meanwhile, Lu Xin Lee has caught the attention of many as he attempts to get revenge on Zan (JuJu Chan), who turned on Uncle Six and killed him, so this revenge plot would likely continue in the next season. Lee will be without his newest car, though, as Christine takes it once again to have some time away from the craziness that they all recently experienced. This could mean Christine is not part of the story moving forward.

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Wu Assassins season 1 is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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