Exclusive Clip from 'Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines'

Wrong Turn 5 Cover

The Wrong Turn franchise kicked off back in the summer of 2003, but has since become something of a Halloween tradition. Dead End arrived on DVD in October of 2007, followed by Left for Dead in October of 2009 and Bloody Beginnings in October 2011.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment wasted no time with the fifth film, Wrong Turn: Bloodlines, which went into production April 2012 and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray October 23rd.

Appropriately, Wrong Turn 5 focuses on a legendary Mountain Man Festival that takes place on Halloween in a small West Virginia town. Folks come dressed up and ready to party, but, to no one's surprise, a local family of inbred cannibals is eager to ruin the fun. Cue bloodbath.

While we’re eager to check out all of the carnage that’s sure to come, Screen Rant has the honor of debuting a tamer clip from Wrong Turn 5 called 'Lita and Maynard Bargain' in which characters Lita and Maynard, well, bargain. Clearly, Lita is a member of the group of unsuspecting victims, so that means Maynard must be up to no good, despite his soothing tone and persuasive argument. She’s armed and dangerous, but I’d bet the "key to her life" can turn either way and Maynard will wind up ensuring it’s not in her favor. What else would you expect from the guy who played Pinhead?

Wrong Turn 5 Cover

Yes, Maynard is portrayed by Doug Bradley, known primarily for playing Hellraiser’s not-so-friendly neighborhood Cenobite. And if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you might recognize Lita as well. She’s played by Roxanne McKee, who had a nice stint on the HBO show as Doreah, Daenerys Targaryen’s handmaiden. McKee will undoubtedly have a number of horrors to struggle through in Wrong Turn 5, but it’s tough to imagine her suffering more than poor Doreah. Then again, this unrated trailer suggests otherwise.

If seeing folks have their insides ripped out and ears chopped off is your thing, you can pick up Wrong Turn: Bloodlines on DVD or Blu-ray on October 23rd, 2012, with special features including "A Day in the Death," "Hillbilly Kills," "Director’s Die-aries," and commentary by writer-director Declan O’Brien.


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