Writers Strike Called!

UPDATE! 12:30 AM EST 11/3/07: Federal mediator is pulling in producers/studios and writers Sunday at 10 AM California time to try and keep a strike from happening on Monday. Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

That's right, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) have agreed to walk out, as early as Monday, though if studios and producers want to do more last-minute negotiations, the door is open.

Plus, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) will "walk the line" with members of the WGA. This could be bad if SAG decides to strike next July. Well, looks like scripts have to be in for film, TV and video, then it's all over unless and until a deal can be reached. Let's hope so, because a lot of movies' fates hang in the balance.

Shooting will continue, but no writing or buying/optioning of scripts and properties. I'll have more updates soon.

Sources: and Variety

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