Writers Strike At 12 AM PST Or 11th Hour Deal?!


I'm going to post this now, then follow up tomorrow morning.

Anyway, former WGA (Writers Guild of America) President and uber-producer (ER, The West Wing) John Wells was brought in as a "trusted source" for both the producers/studios (AMPTP, aka, Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) and the WGA. Plus, the groups met with the federal mediator, and apparently, as of 5 PM PST, that meeting is STILL going on!

Let's hope the WGA and the AMPTP can reach an 11th hour deal. If not, Heroes will end in December vs. May (a special season ender was written, just in case), movies and TV shows we love and want to watch will go quiet, and you'll see a lot of late night comedy, including Saturday Night Live, go into reruns ASAP.


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