Screen Rant is Accepting Applications from Experienced Writers

You should be able to write 20+ news posts (350+ words a piece) or 5+ list posts (2500+ words a piece) per month about the latest entertainment news including:
  • New movie announcements
  • Casting news
  • Production developments
  • Photo posts
  • Movie and TV trailers
  • Entertaining list posts
  • Game announcements
  • Game design developments
  • Game screenshot posts
  • Game trailers

The positions are open to anyone over the age of 18 - regardless of where you live - though respondents who live near industry centers (Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, etc) might be privy to additional opportunities (interviews, screenings, events, etc). Our site covers reviews, interviews, and features but for the time being we are looking for dedicated news and list writers only.

  • Prior experience writing for an online or print publication is strongly preferred.
  • Extensive knowledge of TV and Movie (both past and present) is a requirement.
  • Availability outside of normal business hours (nights and weekends) is a plus but we're ALSO looking for daytime help.
  • Knowledge of online post production is a plus. Knowledge of Wordpress a plus. Knowledge of Image Editing (e.g. Photoshop) a plus.
  • This is a paid-per-post contract position. There are currently no full time positions available but we offer good part time pay.
How to Apply

Fill out the Contributor Application Form below.

Regarding the “Message” field, if you have links to prior online writing experience, send us 2 or 3 links but ONLY if it's relevant to TV, movies, or video game reporting. If you were writing in a different field - or have not written news content, we need fresh movie/TV/gaming samples to look over. Do not send us short stories, poetry, food reviews, lifestyle pieces, or other writing samples that are non-movie/TV/gaming. Any samples that do not adhere to these guidelines - or any applications without samples will not be considered. Also, specify whether you are applying to write Gaming news, TV/Movie news, OR list post features - select the ONE (Gaming, TV/Movies, or lists) where you have the most knowledge and interest.

If you are applying to write list posts, you should provide a list-style sample, or write a mini-list for us on a subject you think we would cover. The mini-list should be 3-4 entries plus an introduction, each 150 words.

Do not follow up with us if you do not hear back immediately. If all of our free lance positions are filled, we will keep your application on file for future openings.

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