Does A Wrinkle In Time Have An End Credits Scene?

Does Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time have an end credits scene? We break down whether viewers should wait for a scene setting up a sequel to this live-action adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's 1962 novel of the same name.

A Wrinkle in Time follows Meg Murry (Storm Reid), who sets off on an adventure across the universe with her younger brother Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe) and schoolmate Calvin O'Keefe (Levi Miller) with the hope of finding her father, Dr. Alex Murry (Chris Pine). The kids recieve help from three astral travelers named Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), and Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey), who aim to aid Meg and her friends in their quest to find and save her father. For finishing A Wrinkle in Time and wondering whether the film includes an end credits scene that sets up further adventures for Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace, should you stick around?

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Although the credits are always worth sticking around to check out in order to see who was involved in bringing a movie to life - and on DuVernay's latest, listen to two original songs written for the film - A Wrinkle in Time does not have an end credits scene. Instead, after the credits finish rolling, the two women behind A Wrinkle in Time - director Ava DuVernay and screenwriter Jennifer Lee - pay tribute to their fathers, dedicating the film to them.

This end credits message is sweet and undoubtedly ties into the film. The relationship between Meg and her father is at the core of A Wrinkle in Time, with their love serving as the anchor for the entire adventure Meg and her friends go on to find Dr. Murry. It's undoubtedly one of the most important relationships in A Wrinkle in Time and is portrayed spectacularly by Reid and Pine. Further, one of the film's main messages is the importance of family, as well as how strong familial love can be. So, DuVernay and Lee using the post-credits dedication to honor their fathers is not just sweet, it fits in perfectly with the characters and themes of this movie.

Of course, early reviews for A Wrinkle in Time have been mixed, with critics pointing to some aspects of DuVernay's film that work, and some that don't. For some critics, the earnestness of A Wrinkle in Time is successful, with the various relationships - though Meg's and her father's in particular - effectively tugging at the heartstrings. For others, the emotion of the film didn't connect.

With that said, now that A Wrinkle in Time is hitting theaters, moviegoers will get a chance to see the film for themselves. While there's no end credits scene setting up a sequel that would adapt the next book in L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time Quintet, there is a sweet dedication that honors the fathers of the filmmakers and carries on the sweet father-daughter throughline of A Wrinkle in Time.

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