Storm Reid & Deric McCabe Interview: A Wrinkle In Time

Storm Reid is an American actress. She first drew recognition in the Academy-Award winning film 12 Years A Slave playing Emily. Storm moved onto various television appearances before winning the role of Meg Murry in Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time. Deric McCabe is an American actor, who was chosen out of thousands of kids to play the role of Charles Wallace Murry in Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time. Both appear together in Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time, which will be released on 4K UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD on June 5, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk to Storm Reid and Deric McCabe on press day, where we discussed what it was like for them to work together on a big project, what wisdom they took away from this film that they apply in their daily life, and what their favorite location was to shoot in.

SR: So you guys were amazing in this and I love it and every single time I see it, it reminds me of diversity and that is such a great, positive message. This is you guys’ first big thing together. Talk to me about the experience doing this together.

Deric McCabe: I mean, if I’m going to be doing anything big, I’d want it to be with Stormy.

Storm Reid: [laughs] Thank you.

Deric McCabe: My favorite lady. I mean, other than my family and my mother and yeah.

Storm Reid: Thank you. No. It was a lot of fun to be able to work with Deric and to see him grow and learn and me growing and learning throughout the entire six months. So, he’s like my little baby brother now. [chuckles]

SR: Was there any word of advice that you got from any of your cast members because there are a lot of veteran actors on this and a lot of wisdom that came with this film. Was there anything that you got that you took with you in your everyday life?

Storm Reid: Uh, yes. Actually Ms. Oprah told me don’t waste energy on things you can’t change in life when you can be using that energy on something else positive in your life. So, I us that pertaining to my career and just like my everyday Storm life.

SR: That’s a great message. How about yourself, Deric?

Deric McCabe: So, when Ava was saying cut, and that was the last cut we did for the shooting and everybody was crying and I was crying on the floor sobbing in the middle of everyone and everyone was just staring at me. And she kept saying, “There’s more to come,” and I was sitting there sobbing saying, “No, there’s not. My life is over.”

SR: With the home video release, there’s a lot of behind-the-scene extras and one of the things I got to see was some of the cool locations you guys shot in. Can you talk to me about some of your favorite locations or your favorite sets?

Storm Reid: Wow. We had a lot of different sets in a lot of different locations. I feel like my favorite location would have to be in New Zealand though.

SR: It looked beautiful.

Storm Reid: Yeah. It was so breathtaking and the people there were so nice. I got to take my family to New Zealand, which was really fun. So that would have to be my favorite set-type of location thing.

Deric McCabe: I mean, I loved New Zealand, but I really liked The Cave.

SR: I was going to say that. It looked like so much fun.

Deric McCabe: The Cave. Yeah. Because it’s not green screen. They actually built it. So, that was fun.

SR: That’s amazing. And with your parents being Chris Pine and Gugu in this film, did they have any advice for you? Or how was that dynamic with you guys?

Storm Reid: They didn’t really have a lot of, I just admire them because of the great people they are and how focused and talented they are as actors and actresses, but I feel like we felt like a family and that we really had that connection and we were blessed enough to have time to connect and really feel like a family. So, I feel like that brought our family presence onto screen for the audience, which I’m really grateful for.

SR: Now, of the Mrs, which one do you most relate with and why?

Storm Reid: Oh, wow! I would say Mrs. Whatsit because she’s like more childlike and she has a little more innocence to her. Even though she is still wise, she still kind of has that child at heart and is still a child. So, yeah.

Deric McCabe: Me too. Mrs. Whatsit is kind of like the troublemaker of the group and the more, the youngest one of the group. So, that’s kind of me with Calvin and Meg, the youngest one, but I’m definitely more mature than them in that movie.

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