WrestleMania: Kofi Kingston Defeats Daniel Bryan for WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston has captured his first WWE championship at WrestleMania XXXV after defeating Daniel Bryan in a highly anticipated match. This moment is eleven years in the making for Kingston, who has had a very successful in-ring career over the last decade. Over the last few months, Kingston has grown in popularity with the WWE universe after an awe-inspiring performance in a gauntlet match. Kingston earned his spot against Bryan after his fellow New Day partners, Big E and Xavier Woods, successfully completed a tag team gauntlet match on an episode of SmackDown.

Similar to Bryan's rise to main event status in 2014, Kingston's sudden career shift relies heavily on his support from the fans. Capturing a singles championship hasn't been an issue for the tenured performer, as he has held the United States and Intercontinental titles on numerous occasions. However, Kingston had never held the WWE or Universal championship, despite being with the WWE for over a decade. Despite many believing Kingston deserved this spot, it is important to remember that his recent booking is due to Mustafa Ali coming down with an injury. Ali was set to challenge for the WWE title at the Elimination Chamber event in the titular match, but Kingston replaced him at the last moment. After failing to capture the title at the event, Kingston fought for another shot at Bryan, but was then replaced by a returning Kevin Owens. However, Kingston continued to fight for another chance, which led to his overdue world title match and victory.

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After a grueling battle between Bryan and Kingston, Kingston put away Bryan to win his first WWE championship. Fans rejoiced as the new champion proceeded to celebrate in the ring with Big E and Woods, as well as his two children. Ironically, Kingston's victory over Bryan mirrors the way Bryan won the title when he was in Kingston's position five years ago in a match against Batista and Randy Orton. However, since Kingston wasn't originally intended to be in this spot, his reign will probably be simple and quick to please fans.

Kofi Kingston ring

Many memorable moments have been made at WrestleMania, and Kingston's victory over Bryan will go down as another great moment. Earlier this year, Vince McMahon assured his audience that they would get more of what they want and less of what they don't want. Kingston's victory was certainly a case of McMahon living up to his promises. Sadly, Kingston will probably be a transitional champion, as Bryan had done great work while holding the title, and he will probably reclaim it sooner rather than later.

With Kingston prevailing over Bryan in a thrilling back-and-forth contest, fans should expect a championship celebration this week on SmackDown. His victory over Bryan was an exciting moment, and WWE hopefully treats his reign with respect. It's unlikely that Kingston will hold the WWE championship for long, but the stint that he has with the title can still be memorable.

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