WrestleMania Winner Take All: Becky Lynch Defeats Ronda Rousey & Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch on WWE Raw

Becky Lynch defeated Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to capture the Raw and SmackDown women's championships during the first ever women's main event at WrestleMania XXXV. Ever since her attack on Flair at SummerSlam last year, Lynch has unexpectedly become the hottest act in WWE. Similar to Seth Rollins, Lynch earned her championship match at the Royal Rumble event, where she won the titular bout for the women.

Lynch has been a major influence on the current landscape of WWE, as fans have grown tired of certain stars getting the same opportunities. Refusing to stay in the shadow of her competitors, Lynch adopted a new attitude and began calling herself "The Man". This new attitude would eventually lead to the "Irish Lasskicker" securing a guaranteed championship match at WrestleMania. After winning the Royal Rumble match, Lynch opted to challenge for the Raw women's title, which was held by Rousey. Lynch was originally supposed to square off against Rousey at Survivor Series last year, but couldn't compete due to injury. Despite that, Lynch's new gimmick got the best of her and she was suspended for 60 days leaving her old rival Flair to take her spot against Rousey, the same way she had at Survivor Series. Eventually, Lynch was allowed back into the match and it became the main event. However, Flair's presence in the match remained meaningless, so in order to prove she belonged Flair defeated Asuka for the SmackDown women's title and the triple threat bout became a winner take all contest.

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After months of hype and anticipation, Lynch defeated Rousey and Flair to capture both women's titles. However, the win didn't come without its issues. While Lynch celebrated in victory, replays showed that Rousey's shoulders weren't down for the count entirely. Of course, this controversial ending could have been done to not only please the fans but to keep Rousey looking strong, as she is reportedly taking a break.

The match itself didn't live up to expectations, but a small portion of that can be due to the longevity of WrestleMania, as the events seem to get longer each year. Many fans will agree that Vince McMahon should learn the importance of quality over quantity because the crowd was silent for the most part during the highly anticipated triple threat bout. While Lynch's crowning moment didn't end with her submitting Rousey, at least she walked away from the match victorious. And, while the match itself was sloppy and lacking in its execution, the women's division should be looked at differently following what Lynch, Flair, and Rousey accomplished by competing in the first-ever women's main event at WrestleMania.

With Lynch now holding both championships for both brands, it will be exciting to see if WWE makes any adjustments to the women's division. Despite holding both titles, WWE could still have Lynch defend them one at a time, but booking Lynch to work two programs against two different opponents would probably be too difficult to book. As "The Man" tightens her grasp on the women's divisions, WWE will more than likely merge the women on Raw and SmackDown into one mega division.

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