Ralph Breaks the Internet Final Trailer & Poster Explore the Dark Net

Ralph and Vanellope visit the wildest (and weirdest) corners of the 'Net in the new trailer and poster for Disney's sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Ralph and Vanellope visit the wildest (and weirdest) corners of the Internet in the new trailer and poster for Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet. John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman reprised their voice roles as Ralph and Vanellope for the animated sequel, which arrives six years after Wreck-It Ralph made a household name out of the titular character and his (princess) pal.

When Ralph Breaks the Internet picks up, Vanellope and the other residents of Sugar Rush are in imminent danger of losing their home forever, after a key part of the arcade game - namely, the steering wheel - breaks. Ralph and Vanellope thus set out to save the day by leaving Litwak's video arcade and venturing out into the digital landscape known as the Internet, in order to find and order the vintage game component.

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In the previously-released Ralph Breaks the Internet trailers, Ralph and Vanellope met everything from anthropomorphized algorithms to Disney princesses over the course of their Internet adventures. The pair have their strangest encounters yet in the final trailer, which introduces the online racing game Slaughter Race - the game that Gal Gadot's race car driver Shank calls home - as well as the head (make that, two heads) of the Dark Net, Double D (Alfred Molina). Take a look at the new trailer in the space above, then check out the latest poster below.

Like its predecessors, the final Ralph Breaks the Internet trailer is full of Disney easter eggs (see that Buzz Lightyear cameo, for example) and references to other popular IPs and elements of the real-world Internet (see also: the clip where Ralph and Vanellope are pestered by pop-up ads). This new trailer also dives deeper into the story and shows that Vanellope is much more inclined than Ralph to make the Internet her permanent home, rather than return to Litwak's after their adventure is over.

Ralph Breaks the Internet was directed by Wreck-It Ralph helmer Rich Moore and cowriter Phil Johnston, based on a script that Johnston wrote with Pamela Ribon (Moana). The voice cast includes Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch (reprising their roles as Fix-It Felix and Calhoun), as well as series newcomers Taraji P. Henson, Ali Wong, Timothy Simons, Glozell Green and Hamish Blake as various residents of the Internet whom Ralph and Vanellope cross paths with.

With so many talented voice actors and creatives involved, Ralph Breaks the Internet seems to be in good shape. At the very least, as the trailers have proven, it won't be hurting for Disney easter eggs and Internet-related gags.

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