The Complete 'Wreck-It Ralph' Character Guide

In Disney's latest animated film Wreck-It Ralph, the (not so) bad guy, Ralph (John C. Reilly) - the brick-throwing menace of the Fix-It Felix Jr. videogame - has grown tired of people not liking him for being the bad guy. He leaves his own videogame looking to become a hero like Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) from the new Hero's Duty game.

On his quest to find the good guy inside himself, Ralph meets several other game characters - some help him, some distrust him, and others want to destroy him. There are many new characters introduced in Wreck-it Ralph, but there are also familiar faces that video game fans will surely to recognize.

Check out our Complete Wreck-It Ralph Character Guide to see which of your favorite video game characters will be making an appearance.

*Disney has not released any pictures or bios for several cameo characters such as Paperboy and Bowser, but this guide will be updated as information is released.*

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The Complete 'Wreck-It Ralph' Character Guide