Wreck-It Ralph 2's New-Look Princesses Hide Amazing Disney Easter Eggs

Disney Princess Easter Eggs

Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet, doesn't release until November, but hype for the movie is already building, not least because every trailer, teaser, and image released so far has been crammed full of Disney Easter eggs.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is the followup to Disney's 2012 hit, Wreck-It Ralph, which introduced the hard-hitting arcade-game villain, Ralph and the racing Princess, Vanellope. After escaping their respective gaming worlds, the duo discover the internet, and what a wide world it is.

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It had already been revealed that the Disney Princesses would feature in Wreck-It Ralph 2, but the first trailer for the movie is what really got fans talking. Vanellope met all of Disney's best-loved Princesses, who seemed all too aware that sometimes their predicaments are a bit ridiculous - and were none too happy at always being rescued by a man. The trailer gave us Princesses, but not as we know them, and now a new image highlights this new breed of strong, feisty Disney Princesses sharing an awesome slumber party. Gone are the ball gowns and frilly dresses; the Princesses in Wreck-It Ralph 2 aren't afraid to dress down when they're off duty. What's more, the image is packed full of easter eggs.

Cinderella has a picture of a pumpkin shaped coach, with G2G (got to go) emblazoned on the front. On the floor next to her is a cup similar to those you can purchase in the Disney parks, with the Cinderella castle all over it. She seems to be talking to Elsa, who lies on the floor with "Just Let It Go"on the front of her PJ's. Unsurprisingly, she's holding a milkshake, because it's frozen. Next to her is Mulan, who is not in pajamas, instead wearing a super cool jacket with Mushu embroidered on it. Behind her is Anna, Elsa's sister, whose top desing - a picture of a sandwich with "Finish Each Others" written on it - is a reference to the line "we finish each other's.... sandwiches?" in the song 'Love is an Open Door,' from Frozen.

Anna sits next to Princess Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog; her top is hard to make out, but present there is the crown logo from the movie, and she drinks from a Starbucks-style cup with the Disney castle on it. Moana has "Shiny" on her shirt, a callout to the song "Shiny" from her movie, while Rapunzel's pajamas are the same pink and purple shades as used in her traditional gown. Finally, Snow White, undeniably the fairest of them all, wears a shirt with a picture of a red apple, dripping in green slime, and the word "poison" overlayed; she's fully embracing her past right there. It's not possible to see what Ariel or Pocahontas have on their pajamas, but it's fair to assume that they'll have some kind of reference to their movies that will be revealed.

And, of course, in the center of the image sits Vanellope, also a princess, and one who is certain to teach this group a thing or two about being strong and independent. What other Easter eggs Wreck-It Ralph 2 hides we'll just have to wait and see.

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