WoW Classic's Biggest Problem Is That It's Too Popular

WoW Classic Popularity Login Queues Quest Lines

WoW Classic's biggest issue at launch might be the silliest one in recent memory - the game is simply too popular, resulting in some comical but inconvenient instances of long wait times that are now being supplemented by players attempting to help each other through quest-specific content by forming orderly lines. WoW Classic launched yesterday and has already made headlines for the game's incredibly long login queues, with some players reporting wait times of over 6 hours just trying to get into some of the game's most popular realms.

WoW Classic is Blizzard's attempt to faithfully recreate the 2006 vanilla WoW experience as closely as possible. That includes recreating WoW Classic's bugs and bringing back some mechanics that have since departed in regular WoW in favor of easier, more time-friendly gameplay instead. Despite the fact that the game is essentially all-in on gameplay design that was popular over a decade ago, it appears WoW Classic is a hit - Activision Blizzard stock is rising since the release of WoW Classic and more than 1 million concurrent viewers tuned in to the game's launch within minutes of it going live.

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All of that popularity has come at a price, however, and WoW Classic is now burdened with the curse of greatness. The player population problem is getting so bad that some groups are organizing players in an attempt to make the mad scramble to kill quest-specific mobs - especially named ones - an endeavor that isn't a complete roll of the dice that can take hours to get lucky on. Mimicking the extremely trying and patience-eroding lines that make up the attempt to actually login to play the game, players have now begun forming orderly queues to kill quest mobs. There are instances of it across multiple realms, with players enforcing the line towards the quest objective as best they can while maintaining that it's the fastest way for everyone to complete their quest. Here's just a few examples, via GameSpot:

Truthfully, the release of WoW Classic has been pretty smooth despite the wait times - servers haven't been crashing and, if players followed through on Blizzard's advice to join newer realms that were released just ahead of the game's launch, their wait times can be as low as 10-20 minutes. If the biggest problem a game has is the sheer number of people who want to play it, it's likely something that will alleviate itself as more players progress and keep the title's popularity on social media and, crucially, streaming platforms, near the top of the industry.

We wouldn't be surprised if WoW Classic's long wait times and player-enforced quest queues actually made more people want to pick it up. It's the gaming event of the summer at this point, at least from a social perspective, and it truly has managed to capture the starry-eyed nostalgia of early WoW, right down to the login queues and sheer chaos of overpopulated servers.

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