WoW Classic Exploit Nets Guild Over 100,000 Gold (But Blizzard Isn't Happy)

WoW Classic Layering Exploit Dungeon Skip Final Boss

A new WoW Classic exploit allowed a guild to generate over 100,000 gold by abusing the layering system, which let it skip a dungeon right to the final boss and farm it for money and loot. WoW Classic is almost a complete preservation of the World of Warcraft experience circa 2006, but the small changes that Blizzard made to help account for the expected long player queues have been the source of the few exploits players have found early in the game's existence.

The first abuse of the WoW Classic layering system came in the race to become the world's first level 60 character in the game, a mad dash that was eventually won by streamer Jokerd. Perhaps somewhat controversially, however, Jokerd used the layering system to set himself up nicely for the last few levels of the grind, getting friends to help him instance into versions of the world map that were bereft of players. As a solo player Frost Mage, Jokerd was then able to exploit the fact that there were so many mobs by setting up massive group AoE kills that made his leveling experience much more efficient. While that exploit was much tamer and probably not so much against the rules of WoW Classic as it was just a smart use of the resources available, however, a new layering exploit is definitely against the spirit of the game.

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First discovered by streamer Skarmtank on Twitch, a new WoW Classic layering exploit allowed the player's guild to accumulate over 100,000 gold by manipulating the way dungeons work. The exploit works like this: a player gets to the final boss, clears it, then leaves their group. They then invite their friends, which resets the dungeon but leaves the player where they were, respawning the final boss but allowing them to entirely skip the hour-long dungeon experience prior to it.

Blizzard has already noticed the bug, however, and will not be allowing it to persist within WoW Classic. "As soon as possible, we will identify those who knowingly abused this bug in exploitative manner...we will then take appropriate punitive measures," wrote community manager Kaivax in the Blizzard WoW Classic forums. Obviously, that means Skarmtank and the rest of their guild have likely put a target on their back for broadcasting their abuse of the bug, but it's unclear if that will mean an outright ban for the group or just a temporary vacation from Azeroth.

For a game that was made in 2006, it's amazing that players are finding new things to exploit in WoW Classic, even if they're a result of something that was added to the experience that wasn't there in its first iteration. What seemed like a risky investment for Blizzard when it was announced has quickly paid off thanks to glowing WoW Classic reviews and a dedicated fanbase, and this exploit's removal will do little to dull the fervor surrounding the game - in fact, it's likely just to make players even more excited, since it's so reminiscent of the type of stuff that was found in MMORPGs by players over a decade ago.

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Source: Skarmtank/Twitch

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