• WoW streamer and personality Asmongold popped off in a huge way in August... 1 / 8

    Asmongold Vertical
  • ...surpassing Tfue as the most watched Twitch broadcaster in August 2019. 2 / 8

  • WoW Classic's launch certainly had a lot to do with it... 3 / 8

    WoW Classic Ragnaros Vertical
  • the game's viewership grew 84% in August to leap into the top 5 most-viewed games on Twitch. 4 / 8

  • To say that it's only WoW Classic, however, would be a disservice to Asmongold... 5 / 8

    WoW Classic Blackrock Vertical
  • ...who sunk hours and hours into dedicated leveling, commentary, and entertainment during the process. 6 / 8

    WoW Classic Orgrimmar Vertical
  • It's a huge win for both Asmongold and Blizzard, and the next question is whether or not they can sustain this growth heading into September and beyond. 7 / 8

    WoW Classic Orc NPC Vertical
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