The 12 Worst McDonald’s Movie Tie-In Toys (And 12 That Are Worth A Fortune Today)

It's the most important day in a person's life. It's the first sign of the bright future that lay ahead. The start of the incredible journey. In fact, it truly is the beginning of life. No, not the first day of school, a wedding or the birth of a child. The first time a person goes to McDonald's is life changing. Every adult and child experiences the wonders of going to the Golden Arches. Most children go for the Happy Meal and the food is secondary to the toy that comes with the meal. Additionally, Happy Meals often have movie themes and promotional tie-ins with a major family friendly film, so the toys have now taken on a life of their own.

McDonald's first opened its doors in 1940 and the Happy Meal debuted in 1979, while the first movie tie-in was Star Trek The Motion Picture in December of 1979. There have been a long list of toys since then and they range from popular animated characters to the newest superhero on the big screen. There have been a plethora of classic toys that are worth a ton today, which a handful of smart people have hung on to. In fact, they've been able to sell these toys on eBay. These impressive McDonald's toys don't go for cheap.

On the other hand, there have also been toys that were some of the worst. These are some of the most disappointing toys made and, in fact, some of them don't even look like a toy. It's time to take a look at the best and worst of McDonald's Movie themed toys. It's possible one of these priceless toys is laying around a house somewhere. Here's The 12 Worst McDonald's Movie Tie-In Toys (And 12 That Are Worth A Fortune)

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Batman & Robin's considered one of the worst superhero movies ever made, so McDonald's felt the need to match that quality with the toy. The toys included a container with the Batman logo and a bike mirror. The container attached to the back of bikes so it could come in handy. However, kids usually don't ask for a container for Christmas or their birthday. The bike mirror was equally disappointing, as it featured a tiny Batman figurine at the top, but it appears he's flying for some reason. Batman's known for his cool gadgets and vehicles. Instead of featuring one of those, they went with a mirror and container.

23 Worth A Fortune: 102 DALMATIANS TOY SET $70 (WORTH A FORTUNE)

McDonald's and the 101 Dalmatians films had a very successful partnership, as the little puppies went laughing all the way to the bank. Additionally, there are a few fans that went laughing to the bank too. In 2000, the 102 Dalmatians toy set arrived at McDonald's. Children loved the film and collected all the merchandise. Now, those tiny little toys are worth a ton. The complete set sells on eBay for roughly $70. However, the wrapped mint condition set sold for $200. These classic toys continue to sell well on eBay to this day and are worth quite a bit.


Kids love toys that go fast, fly high and are indestructible. Historically, kids also have very short attention spans, so to the more things a toy can do the better. McDonald's should have known the Despicable Me 2 Clapper would bore an entire generation of kids. It could only do one thing, which was clap. That's all it could do, so not surprisingly, the toy didn't do well with kids. This was quite surprising considering the other Despicable Me products, as the other toys are some of the most popular. Kids went out of their way to collect each one. However, when it came to this clapper, kids clapped back as they weren't a fans of this toy.


There are McDonald's locations all over the world so there's probably one even located in the wonderful world of Oz. The classic film The Wizard of Oz premiered in 1939, which was one year before McDonald's opened up. However, the two iconic brands have worked together several times. They released the Madam Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls, which included all the famous characters, such as Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and The Wicked Witch. The dolls are a hit with an older audience. In fact, they're more of a hit with collectors then kids. The classic dolls sell for around $80, as they're very popular and sell fast on eBay.


The Lion King is one of the highest grossing films of all time and the merchandise was a major seller all over the world. Disney and McDonald's tired to capitalize on The Lion King's success, but it was too little, too late. In 1996, McDonald's released a line of Happy Meal Lion King toys. Although, this was two years after the release of the first film. The toys were actually in conjunction with the sequel, which didn't do well. That wasn't the only problem with the toys. The bigger issue was the toys didn't look similar to their movie counterparts. The physical aspects were correct but the facial features weren't. In fact, the toys look almost nothing like the famous characters.


Collecting the classic 101 Dalmatians set was no easy task. For the people that did, they deserve every cent they make, as collecting the toys was like a full time job. In 1996, Disney and McDonald's had a few hits and misses. Luckily for them, this one was a hit. McDonalds released a line of toys in association with the live-action 101 Dalmatians film. They sold 101 toy puppies through their Happy Meals. Indeed, that would mean purchasing at least 101 Happy Meals. Chances are it would require more considering duplicates. However, there are people that took the time to collect each one and now the whole set is worth a fortune. In fact, the whole set sells on eBay for between a $100 to $200.


It seems that every other month a new superhero movie is premiering. as superhero movies are box office gold and fans of all ages flock to movie theatres to see the newest film. McDonald's is quick to capitalize on the superhero craze. This wasn't a direct tie-in but was in conjunction with the popular DC characters, which featured two toy lines with separate toys for boys and girls. The Superhero Girls line featured Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl. The Justice League Action line included Batman, Green Arrow and Superman. The toys were very cheap looking and flimsy. The Justice League Action also included three masks, while the Superhero Girls had one mask, a headband and glasses. However, the masks and other accessories were all cheap looking as well. This toy line was a major quite underwhelming.


McDonald's hit the jackpot with the Monster's Inc toy line, as it made a lot of people very wealthy. Their value continues to increase and will likely be worth even more some day. The animated film Monster's Inc hit theatres in 2001 and audiences instantly loved it, so McDonald's released the toy line at the height of the films popularity. Each toy also came with a glow in the dark piece, which makes the character stand out. The toy line is now worth a bundle of cash, as each toy sells for roughly $100 to $200. However, the full unwrapped set sells for far more. To this day, it remains one of the most coveted toy lines.


For most of the 80's, Disney struggled to deliver a blockbuster film, but that all changed in the early 90's with the Little Mermaid. as the classic film ushered in the Disney Renaissance era. Naturally, McDonald's wasted no time unveiling the Little Mermaid toy line, but word worst doesn't seem strong enough to describe the toys. The figurines featured all the characters from the film, but McDonald's attempted to make them look gold plated. However, they simply spray painted them bronze, which made the toys look cheap and not a lot of fun. Additionally, the villain Ursula is the only character that's not spray painted. Adding to the unknown reasons, she's also the only one that's inflatable and can float. These figurines disappointed children and adults all over the globe.


Jerry The Minion recently found out how much his McDonald's toy is worth. In response Jerry said, "WHAT!?" The Despicable Me franchise and McDonald's have had a lot of success together. As a matter of fact, anything featuring The Minions does well. Indeed, The Minions are world famous. In particular, Jerry The Minion is a star everywhere he goes, as he's sweet, sensitive and has a popular catchphrase. Jerry's isn't just a cool toy to have, as he's also worth a lot of money. Anyone that owns this specific Minion could earn a sweet buck since Jerry once sold on eBay for $120. However, a mint condition Jerry The Minion can sell for far more.


The Night at the Museum 3-D viewer is certainly one of the most disappointing toys to hit the fast food restaurant. The most popular toys are usually action figures or toys with multiple purposes. However, McDonald's tried something different with this viewer. The toy was a promotional tie-in for the 2014 film Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, which was the third and final instalment in the series and the last chance to capitalize on the franchise. Sadly, the toy failed to reach the imagination of the film itself. Kids would insert various cards into the viewer where they could see still shots of scenes from the movie. Obviously, the toy could only keep a chid's attention for a short amount of time.


Madam Alexander and McDonald's make a fortune together, as they've found a winning formula and replicated it several times. They often sold the dolls through the Happy Meals, which were huge sellers, as collectors and kids instantly loved the dolls. They once teamed up with Disney to release a line of Madam Alexander Disney Dolls. Technically, this wasn't a direct tie-in to a movie, but it featured several Disney Princess and characters that starred in classic animated films, such as, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel. These dolls were wildly popular. In fact, collectors can now make their own fortune off the dolls, as the classically crafted dolls sell for $130 on eBay. A mint condition doll can sell for a ton of money.


Marvel and McDonalds should have been a successful team up like The Avengers. However, this pairing failed to meet expectations. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us some of the best superhero movies around, but Marvel and McDonald's produced one of the worst toy lines. It featured all the famous characters but they could do very little. The ones that could had odd features, like that Iron Man has wheels on his stomach to make it look like he's flying. Additionally, The Incredible Hulk can only slightly move his arms, while Captain America did basically nothing despite being one of the most popular characters. It's certainly one of the most underwhelming promotional tie-ins.


The McDonald's Changeables are a classic toy line now worth a pretty penny and the toy line was so successful that McDonald's repeated it two more times. It debuted in 1987 in conjunction with the Transformers animated series and 1986 Transformers theatrical animated film. However, the Hasbro toy line inspired the series and film which certainly gives them an advantage. Instead of Transformers characters they went with food off the menu., which proved to be a winning formula for both brands. The toy line included a burger, fries and ice cream cone that could all transform into robots. They brought the Changeables back in 1989 and 1990. Now toy collectors make a fortune selling them on eBay, as each toy sells for roughly $140 and higher. The few collectors that hung onto the toys can make a fortune selling the set.


McDonald's certainly dropped the ball when it came to the Star Wars toy line. Iconic Star Wars merchandise is hugely popular with toy collectors and kids, BUT McDonald's failed to meet expectations set by Star Wars fans. This particular set was a tie-in with Episode II: Attack of the Clones. However, they decided to use every character from the franchise. The Star Wars bobbleheads didn't impress fans or toy collectors. The Star Wars universe has a long list of cool spaceships and gadgets and, naturally, none of those appear in this toy line. Additionally, the bobbleheads looked cheap and didn't become collector's item. It's one of the most disappointing Happy Meal toy lines.


In the early-90s, The Power Rangers burst onto the scene and became overnight sensations. The 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show was a massive success. The series did enormously well, which resulted in a theatrical film. In 1995, The Power Rangers Movie opened in theatres and continued the franchise's success. The merchandise alone was a huge money maker, so they partnered with McDonald's for one of their most popular toy lines. It featured all six Power Rangers including the White Ranger and each Power Ranger came with their special vehicle. The Rangers are now worth a barrel full of money. One Ranger sells for roughly $200. However, the complete set with special vehicles has made toy collectors rich.


Superheroes and McDonald's seem like the perfect match. Kids loves superheroes and Happy Meals, so it should work perfectly. However, this time nobody was loving McDonald's. In 1992, they released a toy line as a promotional tie-in with Batman Returns. It featured Batman in a Bat-Boat, Catwoman in a purple cat car, Penguin in a umbrella car, and it also included the Batmoblile, which shot missiles. Tim Burton's Batman was a cultural phenomenon and a hit with kids. However, the sequel created controversy due to its darker tone and adult themes. Parents were unhappy with the film at the time, so McDonald's was put in an awkward situation since Happy Meals are for kids.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the 34th Disney film and the inspiration for the film has a much darker tone than most Disney movies. However, Disney managed to make the film a commercial hit that was appropriate for kids, which also meant McDonald's could market the toys to kids as well. However, they never imagined the level of success it would achieve. The set was released in 1996 and is now worth a bundle. The set includes Quasimodo, Frollo, Phoebus and Esmeralda and each toy in the set sells for roughly $200. However, the entire mint condition set has sold for a fortune. In fact, they toys continue to sell for a high price on eBay, as it's a popular item with toy collectors.


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial broke box office and merchandise records, so teaming up with McDonald's was a no brainer. However, they put very little imagination into the Happy Meal toy. In fact, it wasn't a toy at all, so kids naturally didn't really take to it. In 1982, McDonald's included an E.T. poster with every Happy Meal. The poster was an ill-conceived idea, as the poster itself was disappointing and wasn't the best match with greasy food. It wasn't an awful idea but didn't meet expectations. Regardless, they teamed up again a few years later and the posters made a return. However, the return made little sense since E.T. was not a hot topic at the time.


The 1999 film Inspector Gadget was a disappoint with audiences and critics, but it wasn't a disappoint with Happy Meals. The film partnered with McDonald's for an epic Happy Meal promotion, as each Happy Meal came with one piece of Inspector Gadget. All the pieces combined made the Inspector Gadget toy. Collecting the pieces required additional work and Happy Meal purchases. However, those that put the toy together can now sell it for a hefty sum. The Inspector Gadget toy sells for roughly $350, so all those McNuggets and hard work finally paid off. It's one of the most sought after toys and a mint condition version sells for a barrel full of money.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 toy line is one of the most infamous in McDonald's history. The boys toys were perfectly fine, but the toys aimed at girls was disappointing to say the least. On a few occasions, McDonald's has divided toys lines by gender and, in this case, McDonald's felt the girls wouldn't enjoy the typical Spider-Man toys. The boys toys featured a Spider-Man action figure with light up eyes. It also included a trading card tin and Electro with dead eyes. The girls toys had little to do with Spider-Man and more about their gender. The girls toys included a clutch, headband and a heart-shaped ring watch. Additionally, the girls got a heart-sticker tin oppose to the boy version. It's certainly one of the worst toy lines and also one of the most offensive.


Toy collectors all over the world search for this rare and expensive Minions McDonald's toy line. The toys are now worth a ton and their value continues to increase. The popular Minions is a spinoff of the Despicable Me films, as these tiny, adorable little sidekicks stole the spotlight and are now worth millions. Because of that, the Minions McDonald's Happy Meals is one of the most popular tie-ins. Each Happy Meal came with one Minion, which is worth around $400. However, the rare and foreign Minions go for far more. The entire set is a huge money maker and worth a fortune. In fact, it's one of the most valuable McDonald's products on eBay, despite not being all that old.


The Shark Tale Jellyfish toy was just wrong on so many different levels and it's hard to find anything that could beat this one for worst toy. The McDonald's toy line was a tie-in promotion with the animated film Shark Tale. While the film did well at the box office, the toy wasn't as well received. The Jellyfish toy had an odd look to it and the shape had a striking resemblance to something we won't choose to mention here, so many parents felt it was inappropriate for children. The Jellyfish toy did very little and had an odd appearance, so it wasn't a hit with parents or kids. It's definitely one of the worst McDonald's toys.


The 100 Years of Disney McDonald's toy set is now a collector's item. It was a tie-in promotion to celebrate the late Walt Disney's 100th birthday, so Disney went out all to honour his memory. They partnered with McDonald's in one of their most successful toy lines where they brought back all the iconic characters from the most memorable movies. McDonald's included a different animated movie character with every Happy Meal. The set featured several popular characters, including Buzz Lightyear, Aladdin and Sheriff Woody. The entire set included 100 characters, so it would take 100 Happy Meals and plus to collect. However, spending the few bucks on an awesome meal is now worth it because the entire set sells for roughly $1,000. The unwrapped, mint condition set is worth even more!


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