Marvel's New Mutant Villain Has The WORST Power Ever

Warning: SPOILERS through Domino #4

The mutants of Marvel have some awful superpowers, but Desmond Phineas Tarketon - a new villain recently introduced in the Domino solo series - has them all beat. He is, without question, in possession of the worst mutant power in the history of mutant powers.

The new Domino series focuses upon the adventures of the mutant mercenary, who has been experiencing a newfound level of popularity following her inclusion among the cast of characters in Deadpool 2. Neena Thurman was one of several young mutants taken in as children by Project Armageddon and experimented upon in a bid to created the ultimate army. Neena seemingly developed a telekinetic form of good fortune, with events just seeming to go Neena's way so long as she was taking an active role in events around her. Bullets that Neena fired always hit their targets, despite the odds, and Neena somehow always landed safely from falls that should have broken bones.

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Domino #4 reveals the truth that Domino never knew about her powers. Physics dictate that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Thus did Desmond Phineas Tarketon - a young mutant boy born on the same day as Neena Thurman - develop what seemed to be a superhuman ability for getting injured without cause. The horrifying truth would not be confirmed for years, though Desmond sensed the truth of it right away. Whenever Neena survived an injury unscathed, Desmond would feel the pain and injuries that were rightly hers, such as when a beating Neena experienced resulted in his right arm spontaneously breaking!

Desmond Phineas Tarketon and the Worst Superpower Ever from Domino #4

The worst aspect of Desmond's power was that it seemingly didn't allow him to die, fatal injuries only taxing his body further and further. Neena's wild life of excess as a mercenary took its toll on Desmond, causing him to become old before his time. Thankfully, Desmond was not without friends, having become close to Cynthia Topaz Rossini (a.k.a. Topaz) - the daughter of the chief doctor behind Project Armageddon and, unbeknownst to anyone, a mutant with the power to alter the intensity of other mutants' powers. It was she who finally allowed Desmond to live a pain-free life by shutting his powers off and helped him in his plan to get revenge on Neena for everything she put him through.

The irony of this revelation regarding Domino's powers is that it proves a statement Wade Wilson made in Deadpool 2 correct. Wade insisted several times that there is no way that "being lucky" was a real superpower. While the Domino of Deadpool 2 and the Domino of the Marvel Comics universe are different characters, the fact remains that - in the case of the comics - Deadpool was right. Domino's super power isn't being lucky -it's redirecting the consequences of her actions onto a hapless innocent!

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Domino #4 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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