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Final Fantasy Type 0 PlayStation 4

To have a major Final Fantasy release come out in Japan and nowhere else is a major blow to the franchise's many Western fans. That's what happened when Final Fantasy Type-0 hit the PSP in Japan in 2011 but was never localized for Europe or North America.

However, by the time the game was brought here,

it was four years later--and about two years too late. It wouldn't have been so bad if they simply localized the PSP original and sold it as is, but they decided to remaster the game in HD and pass it off as a PlayStation 4 title. There's very little that can be done to a PSP game to make it feel like a PS4 game, short of completely rebuilding the entire game, and it showed, as the game barely looked like a first-generation PS3 game. Worse, despite the game now being on consoles, the original's multiplayer mode was stripped out completely-- so it actually has less content!

Besides, most FF fans, if given the choice, would've much rather seen an HD remaster of PSP's Crisis Core or Dissidia than Type-0.

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