12 Bad TV Moms

Portrayed by: Sarah Wayne Callies

Occupation: Housewife, Survivalist

Children: Carl Grimes, Judith Grimes (Walsh)

Maternal Instincts: [SPOILER WARNING] Okay Lori, we’ll give it to you that raising kids in a zombie-apocalypse aint easy, but we’re still not entirely convinced you were so great before the world went to crap. After believing her husband Rick is forever lost to the zombie plague, Lori says a quick farewell and then immediately proceeds to replace him with his increasingly unstable best friend, Shane. When Rick makes his triumphant return, Shane is kicked to the curb, and Lori tells her son Carl to keep away from Shane with little explanation.

Lori keeps her relationship with Shane under wraps and only tells Rick when she has to, due to a ambiguous pregnancy. Lori confesses that she doesn't know whose baby it is, and despite this, Rick still does his best to protect her and the unborn child. While Lori came off as a bit of a nag and just plain annoying, the only thing she really wanted in this harsh new life was to preserve the innocence of her son, Carl. This, however, proved futile, as Lori dies in front of Carl while giving birth to his sister Judith, and Carl is forced to shoot his mother in the head to ensure she won’t rise again as a zombie.

Gift of Choice: Nothing - she's dead (and 95% of fans are not even mad about it).

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