12 Bad TV Moms

Portrayed by: Susanna Thompson

Occupation: Current CEO of Queen Consolidated, Member of a secret organization that is trying to take over Starling City.

Children: Oliver Queen, Thea Queen

Maternal Instincts: Moira Queen is a woman in way over her head. As matriarch to one of the richest families of Starling City, Moira's cover as a shrewd businesswoman hides her real job as a member of a secret society that has plans to “cure the city” through what appears to be very insidious means.

Though it seems that Moira doesn't completely agree with ALL of The Society’s methods, she has helped them execute murders and kidnappings - including the sabotaging of her first husband Robert’s yacht, which also held her only son, Oliver. After being stranded on an island for 5 years, Oliver returns home to become the violent vigilante of Starling City known as Green Arrow… err “The Hood” - an extra-curricular activity which puts him directly at odds with dear ol’ mom.

With all the confusion of taking over a city (and then most likely the world), Moira Queen doesn't have a moment for her damaged crime fighting son, her pill-poppin’ teenage daughter or her snoopy second husband, Walter.

Our Gift of Choice: a case of GSP tracking chips, as Moira seems to keep misplacing members of her family.

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