12 Bad TV Moms

Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time): (Lana Parrilla) The only reason Regina didn’t make the main list is the fact that her mother is much worse.

Victoria Argent (Teen Wolf): (Eaddy Mays) When her daughter Allison falls for a young werewolf named Scott, this monster-hunting mother shows him that Momma Bear beats wolf every time, especially with the help of an SUV.

Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development): (Jessica Walter) Lucille is a drunken hot mess and we love her for it! Though this former socialite might not be the best mother on the block, her wild ways and hardy dose of hilarious sass would make her an awesome auntie to go party with (and will buy you booze).

Sue Sylvester (Glee):  (Jane Lynch) Sue so far seems to be taking to motherhood fairly well. But babies soon grow up, and  if the way she treats the student in school - especially the Glee Club - the teenage years are gonna be rough in the Sylvester house.


So there it is, our list of mothers that will finally make you forgive your own mother for not buying you that Power Rangers action figure in fifth grade. If you have some other truly dreadful TV moms whose dirty laundry you’d like to air out, please do so in the comments below and, of course, have Happy Mother’s Day!

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