12 Bad TV Moms

Portrayed by: January Jones

Occupation: Housewife

Children: Sally Draper, Robert Draper, Eugene Draper, Eleanor Francis (step-daughter, from Henry Francis)

Maternal Instincts: Betty Draper Francis is arguably the worst mother on our list. Though most of the other bad moms use underhanded and evil tactics to elevate or keep their kids, Betty seems to have little care of what her kids do. With an unused anthropology degree, Betty dulls the bitterness of her unhappy life with alcohol and chain smoking.

The most frequent victim of Betty’s despondency is her daughter Sally, who is less-than-affectionately called a "little lesbian."  Sally’s odd, less-glamorous nature infuriates her mother into violence and constant criticism. After finding young Sally with a dry cleaning bag wrapped around her head, Betty utters this maternal gem: "If the dress that was in the dry cleaning bag is on the floor, you’re in big trouble! "

Gift of Choice: Nothing. Unfortunately, there’s just no pleasing some women.

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