12 Bad TV Moms

Cora Mills

Portrayed by: Barbara Hershey, Rose McGowan (Young Cora)

Occupation: Queen of Hearts, Sorceress

Children: Regina Mills

Maternal Instincts: Fighting with your mother is always a difficult thing, especially when your mom is a heartless witch. Deeming love as the ultimate weakness, Cora takes up the dark arts and magically removes her own heart to assist in her only ambition: to gain power. Although Cora’s heart sits coldly in a box, her evil mind sits comfortably in her head and is the secret weapon in her quest for power by using her deadly schemes to set in motion the rise of her daughter, Regina.

Unfortunately for Cora, she went too far by murdering Regina’s true love, a lowly stable boy, in favor of the king’s hand in marriage. The loss of her beloved Daniel soured Regina’s heart forever, causing her to dip into the magic to exile her mother to a far-off world known as Wonderland. In Wonderland, Cora’s mastery of sorcery allowed her to easily snatch the throne, ironically dubbing herself as "The Queen of Hearts."

Our Gift of Choice: A copy of Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits - because Cora is all "heart" and no soul.

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