10 Worst TV Couples Of All Time

While almost every TV show has that one couple that simply doesn't work, the following 10 are probably the worst.

Can you really have good TV without a little romance drama, guilty pleasures, and love triangles? Whether we like to admit it or not, these kinds of relationships do a great job of captivating our attention and making us sit through seasons upon seasons waiting to see that happy soap opera ending.

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However, sometimes the characters take it a bit too far, engaging in unhealthy, dysfunctional, or even incestuous relationships. And sometimes, the fact that they shouldn't be together is blatantly obvious to everyone except them. But, while almost every TV show has that one couple that simply doesn't work, the following 10 are probably the worst.

10 Dawson and Joey (Dawson's Creek)

These two are a great example of a couple that's better off as friends than lovers. Specifically, Joey and Dawson were best friends since childhood and believed each other to be soulmates...until they started dating, that is. It was immediately obvious that these two lovebirds don't really share enough chemistry to support a long-term relationship.

The biggest problem was the fact that they wanted different things: Joey's an adventurous free spirit while Dawson just wants to become a filmmaker and enjoy a comfortable life. In addition, they fought so much that Joey was constantly conflicted about their relationship. Considering that first love doesn't always last for most people, we think it's great that Joey eventually ended up with Pacey.

9 Tom and Ann (Parks and Recreation)

If you've watched Parks and Recreation, you know that Ann and Tom's relationship was nothing but a huge mistake from the start. Tom kept pushing Ann's buttons way too much and maintained an annoying and aggressive behavior that made Ann disgusted with herself for dating him.

In season five, they paradoxically decided to move in together just so they could win a bet. And though their relationship was admittedly entertaining on-screen, this is a couple that should have never been.

8 Pam and Roy (The Office)

Pam and Roy had been engaged since before The Office's plot even began. The weird thing was, not even Pam knew when (or if) they would actually get married. They were stuck in limbo. Things were made worse by how badly this warehouse worker treated Pam - he didn't support her and frequently forgot about her.

With her negligent fiance blind to her needs, Pam had actually been secretly miserable for years (since High-School). Luckily, Jim Halpert was there to show her how happy she could be.

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7 Ryan and Marissa (The O. C.)

As the central couple of the show, it was inevitable for Ryan and Marissa to put each other through a lot of drama. Their relationship was a three-season, on-and-off "fairy tale" that left them both exhausted and miserable. Marissa was a troubled alcoholic girl whom Ryan was constantly trying to save.

The couple never really managed to maintain a steady relationship. In other words, it was always a struggle. But, even with all that in mind, they would win our hearts every time they were actually together, so their tragic end still seems desperately heartbreaking.

6 Rafael and Jane (Jane the Virgin)

Before Rafael accidentally became the father of her child, Jane had a huge crush on him. But it took an accidental pregnancy via artificial insemination for the two to actually start dating. Rafael even proposed to Jane, but soon enough she would find herself back in the arms of her husband Michael.

Rafael was also caught in a love triangle, indecisive of whether he still loved Petra. The relationship between Rafael and Jane is a long and complicated one: they fight, become "just friends," and then they share a kiss and Rafael proposes to Jane again... In short, it's a mess.

5 Olivia and Fitz, (Scandal)

The chemistry between Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant is undeniable and, as you all probably heard - forbidden fruit is the sweetest. Specifically, Fitz was the married President of the United States and Olivia worked for him when they started their affair.

As you might have guessed, their moments of passion continuously affected their work, and (let's be honest) Fitz is kind of a manipulative jerk. Oh, and a murderer! No wonder why their dysfunctional relationship could never survive long-term. Even the series finale didn't clarify their future.

4 Jaime and Cersei (Game Of Thrones)

Do we even need to explain this one? A part of the reason why Game of Thrones made such a big name for itself lies in all the weird, freaky, and, in this case, incestuous relationships George R. R. Martin threw at us. And when it comes to the brother-sister affair of Jamie and Cersei Lannister, nothing good came out of it but prosecution, death, and one of the most hated and twisted characters in television - their son Joffrey.

On the other hand, despite Cersei's psychotic and manipulative nature, the pair actually seemed to genuinely love each other (and a little too much, perhaps).

3 Izzie and George (Grey's Anatomy)

If you need the best recipe for ruining a perfect friendship, simply watch season 3 and 4 of Grey's Anatomy...or, to be more precise, pay attention to George and Izzie's affair. You see, Izzie and George were awesome friends...until they slept together, that is.

Did we mention that George was married to Callie? After their hook-up, everything became complicated: suddenly they were in love, but shortly after George's divorce they realized that it was better for them to be just friends. Poor George... Nevertheless, their romantic relationship was undoubtedly a big mistake.

2 Rachel and Joey (Friends)

Okay, we're putting this one on here for its sheer ridiculousness. Who in their right mind would hook up Joey and Rachel? The pair has always had a sort of a brother-sister relationship and then suddenly, one day, Friends thought it was a good idea to hook Rachel up with Joey to see how fans would react.

Needless to say, it was incredibly awkward and cringy, and the first kiss between Rachel and Joey still haunts the memories of every Friends' fan.

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1 Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

There are so many things wrong with this couple. First of all, she was only 16 when they first hooked up in some random bar. To make matters worse, Ezra was Aria's high school teacher. Weird (and illegal) as that may be, apparently nothing can stop Mr. Ezra Fitz from dating an underage student! He wasn't even a decent boyfriend, which makes their on-and-off relationship quite harsh for Aria.

Surprisingly, this controversial couple ends up getting married in the end. However, maybe the most problematic thing is that the show tried so hard to romanticize the "cute" and "passionate" Ezra, when in fact, his behavior was nothing short of statutory rape. Yeah...

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