13Getting Torn in Half

Wolverine Hulk Ultimate Ripped Torn In Half X Men Marvel Comics

Alternate universes give writers a chance to explore different outcomes to iconic stories and introduce readers to reinvented updates on classic characters. It also gives writers the ability to do some seriously messed up things to our favorite characters without worrying about potential ramifications in the main continuity.

Case in point, the miniseries Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine.

In a throwback to Wolverine's first appearance, Nick Fury dispatches Wolverine to Tibet to knock off The Hulk, who has been causing wanton destruction and generally being a pain in the backside, like a giant green hemorrhoid.

The story, written by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, opens with Wolverine literally torn in half, as his skeleton is adamantium, but the joints between his spine are not (otherwise he wouldn't be able to move), and The Hulk is able to rip Logan in two fairly easily. Able to smell his legs at the top of a nearby mountain, Wolverine begins the laborious crawl to retrieve them, and in true Lost fashion, we jump forwards and backwards through time to learn exactly how he found himself in his current predicament.

This includes Hulk's fondness of brothels, Wolverine meeting a Panda who claims to be his spirit animal, and the revelation that a decapitated Wolverine can survive by breathing through his skin. Just when did Wolverine's healing factor go from closing wounds faster to indestructibility?

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