The 10 Worst Things Magneto Has Done Across The X-Men Franchise

Magneto is the character we have to thank for the fact that the word "magnetism" now belongs to the realms of movies and comic books more than it belongs to the realms of science. Marvel has a talent for coming up with compelling characters, and more particularly, compelling villains whose motifs for becoming bitter go beyond the "I want to rule the world" trope. Magneto is definitely one of those villains, with a backstory worthy of breaking hearts, and a present worthy of a lifetime in jail.

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There is plenty of juice in the comics alone to dissect when it comes to the things Magneto has done. However, today we're tackling the X-Men movie franchise in its entirety and counting down the 10 worst things Magneto had done. Buckle up, because this is going to be a magnetic ride! Okay, bad pun... Just keep reading!

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X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Magneto and Jean Grey
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10 When He Sided With Apocalypse

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Magneto and Jean Grey

You know we simply couldn't let this one slide. Siding with what must be one of the most dangerous and sanguine villains of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has to make the list of one of the worst things anyone has ever done, including Magneto himself. Bringing destruction to the world is just a horrible move in general.

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We know it's really hard not to feel bad for Magneto, especially after we're given the entire HD depiction of the death of his wife and child. Anyone would swear vengeance, but not necessarily to the entire human race. But then again, it's Magneto, and it's Marvel, so in a very messed up way, it makes sense.

9 When He Attacked The Ships

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Magneto Attacks Chastain

In X-Men: First Class, we got to see the humble beginnings of Professor X and Magneto, back when they were actually friends, fighting alongside each other to achieve a common goal. It was also then that we were presented with the events that eventually drove them apart, which culminated in an epic battle headlined by the two.

In the midst of the battle, dozens of ships from nations from all around the world emerge, in an attempt to attack the mutants. Mystique fooled the ships into firing, and Magneto, using his powers, turned the missiles around and completely blew up the entire fleet. We get defending yourself against the enemy, we don't get killing dozens of people when you could just direct the weapons elsewhere.

8 When He Founded The Brotherhood

Magneto's and Professor X's views on how mutants should live their lives are one of the biggest differences that eventually lay the foundation for many of the events shaping the X-men universe. Of course, we would all prefer absolute freedom for everyone, but that's simply not how things work, and if there's a way around it, it should be accepted.

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Magneto was never on board with mutants hiding their true nature and hated the idea of Professor X's school. His decision to found the Brotherhood of Mutants might have come from an understandable place, but it escalated towards the wrong side of the spectrum, and they just became a group of evil creatures, who did horrible things.

7 When He Destroyed The Golden Gate Bridge

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Michael Fassbender as Magneto

Talk about mass destruction! It's not unheard of for epic battles in the Marvel universe to completely wipe out cities and monuments. Our hearts still go out to the poor citizens of New York at the end of the first Avengers movie. Also, for whoever it is that has to deal with the paperwork and the reconstruction.

In the third X-Men movie, The Last Stand, Magneto unleashes his power over the city of San Francisco, bending and destroying one of the most iconic monuments, the Golden Gate Bridge, and killing hundreds of innocent citizens in the process. Once again, Magneto's rage results in the death of people who had absolutely no blame.

6 When He Kidnapped Rogue

It was bad enough that Magneto came up with a machine that had the power to mutate the most important leaders of the world. Thankfully, the heroes of the original X-Men movie manage to destroy it before it could cause any serious harm, but it's still an evil enough plan, and one that fits Marvel perfectly.

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Magneto knows that the use of the machine can kill the person who uses it, so he needs to find someone to do it for him. In order to accomplish this, he kidnaps Rogue, the mutant who can absorb the powers and memories of anyone she touches. If Magneto had his way, she would be dead. He told her so himself, without a shred of remorse.

5 When He Tried To Kill The Dark Phoenix

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix arriving in theatres and complementing the cinematic universe of everyone's favorite mutants, we were offered a series of brand new horrible things Magneto has done. This time around, it has something to do with the title character herself. Well, more specifically, Jean Grey.

It's obvious to everyone that the X-Men wouldn't want Jean Grey to be killed in their attempt to destroy the Dark Phoenix because, well, they're not horrible people. The same can't be said for Magneto, who actually attempted to kill Jean Grey while she was possessed. He clearly has a lot of problems with keeping innocent people alive, that much has been established.

4 When He Tried To Kill Mystique

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

It's pretty clear in the comics that Mystique isn't exactly good... at least not to the extent that heroes worthy of the designation are, such as Captain America and Ant-Man. However, in the movies, we do get to see another side of the character, one where she is Professor X's foster sister. Although she isn't solely good, she isn't completely rotten either.

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Magneto doesn't see it this way and, in X-Men: Days of Future Past he attempts to kill a younger Mystique, in order to try and prevent the events that lead to the apocalyptic future. Trying to off one of the most popular characters in the franchise? Bad move Magneto, really bad move.

3 When He Tried To Kill The President

It's bad enough when you're accused of killing one President of the United States of America, but two? That's just plain greedy. In all seriousness though, it's later proven that Magneto didn't actually kill JFK. In fact, he was trying to save him when he was stopped by the Secret Services, which prompted a series of events that presented him as the bad guy, and most likely assassin.

However, in X-Men: Days of Future Past, he actually did try to kill the President, and even had a great speech to go with the deed. As it so often happens in X-Men, he didn't succeed in accomplishing this, but he tried. And that's a big no-no in everyone's book.

2 When He Got Jean Grey On His Side

Way before the X-Men movies brought us Sophie Turner as the Dark Phoenix, the first installments of the franchise introduced us the character in a different timeline, back when Professor X and Magneto were still being played by movie legends Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. It seems like it was only yesterday!

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Well, it was also only yesterday that things took a turn for the worst when it comes to the Dark Phoenix. While in the most recent installment we got to see Magneto's softer side, actually trying to help Jean Grey, back in the early days, he actually convinced her that Professor X was the enemy, and was planning on using her powers for anything except the good.

1 When He Tried To Wipe Out Half of Humanity

It's extremely easy to sympathize with Magneto, especially after we got a glimpse into his tragic past. We're not just referring to the part where they slaughtered his entire family because of the whole mutant thing, but also everything that involved him being Jewish and witnessing the horror of concentration camps.

However, that doesn't excuse a wish to literally wipe out half of the human population. When you are so set in getting revenge, it's very easy to become similar to the very thing you wanted to destroy. That's Magento's biggest downfall, and what drove him to the actions we see depicted in X-Men: Apocalypse.

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