14Bat Nipples

George Clooney Batman Nipples

With both of his Batman movies, director Joel Schumacher was looking to recreate the aesthetic and inherent silliness of the ‘60s Batman television show on the big screen – for those who didn’t grow up reading comics inspired by Frank Miller, Adam West’s Batman was the quintessential Caped Crusader. As

such, a lot of the design styles throughout Batman & Robin were meant to look stylish, colorful, and eye-catching.

The costumes certainly turn heads, but not in any way that Batman fans enjoyed. Since the release of the movie, the rubber nipples on the outside of Batman’s suit have become a focal point for the comic book community: they’re in many ways used as a shorthand to describe what happens when superhero costume designs go horribly wrong. With Batman & Robin, moviemakers learned an important lesson: just because superheroes look like they're wearing plastic breastplates in cartoons and comics, it doesn’t necessarily work as well on the big screen.

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