13Gotham City

Gotham is as much a part of the Batman mythos as the cape and cowl – the city is essentially a character in its own right, and the level of realism depicted on-screen is a good indicator of how grounded a movie will be. Tim Burton’s Gotham was dark, angular

and shadowy, matching the director’s macabre style choices for the movies he directed. Nolan’s Gotham, full of brick, steel, and glass, highlighted a take on the Dark Knight that felt more believable than anything that had been seen before.

In Batman & Robin, though, Gotham is just as overblown, weird and as visually busy as every other aspect of the movie. With enormous towering statues, architecture that makes very little sense, and roads that wind and turn as if in a cartoon racing game, every location in Schumacher’s Gotham looks and feels like a movie set – somewhat ruining the immersive effect for moviegoers, and removing any trace of logic or believability that the movie might have been desperately clinging on to.

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