The Worst Thing Each Main Character From Grey's Anatomy Has Done

The characters in Grey's Anatomy never fail to be complex, interesting, intriguing, and multidimensional. The show has always had a talent for portraying realistic characters, and it has a signature knack for making the viewers feel as though they are getting an exclusive look inside the lives of real people.

To achieve this genuineness and develop them successfully, the cast of Grey's characters had to be more than just one thing. Meredith is not purely good, Alex is not just an ass, and Maggie is not just a brilliant nerd.

The characters on Grey's have done some truly questionable stuff throughout the course of the series. From bad bedside manner to unprofessionalism, to infidelity, these characters are nothing if not realistic. Let's explore the worst thing that each main character has done.

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Loretta Devine and James Pickens Jr as Adele and Richard Webber in Grey's Anatomy
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Loretta Devine and James Pickens Jr as Adele and Richard Webber in Grey's Anatomy

Richard's medical career has been extensive, so he's obviously done some questionable things during his time as a surgeon. But nothing quite beats his infidelity and betrayal of his long-time wife, Adele. The early seasons of Grey's largely revolved around the love affair between Richard and Ellis that had occurred once upon a time.

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Later, Richard's affair would prove to have lasting repercussions, and no matter how far the character has come and how well-developed he is, it's hard to forgive his poor treatment of Adele.


Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams as April Kepner and Jackson Avery in Grey's Anatomy

Jackson is possibly one of the most infuriating characters on Grey's Anatomy right now. He's made a lot of poor decisions, and he's done several selfish things. He has an ambiguous moral compass when it comes to his relationships and treatment of others, but his dynamic with April takes the cake for this one.

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At times, Jackson and April were simply adorable together, but that doesn't change the fact that Jackson behaved like a jerk for the better part of their relationship. From kicking her out to jerking her around, to pretty much bullying her, Jackson did some pretty terrible things to his ex-wife.


The storyline involving Eliza Minnick dragged on a lot longer than it probably should have. This created some pretty notable drama in the halls of Grey Sloan, and it also presented a rift between Bailey and Richard. These two have one of the most beautiful relationships on the show, so seeing them at odds was pretty disheartening.

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Dr. Bailey probably has the cleanest conscience out of anyone on Grey's. Nevertheless, this one's on her. Hiring Minnick to replace Richard was just blatantly disrespectful, especially considering that Richard had been Bailey's friend and mentor for decades.


Maggie's had a pretty bad track record when it comes to relationships, but none of the problems have really been her fault. The fling with Deluca was fairly cringeworthy and several fellow doctors - including Meredith, who would later end up dating Deluca - frowned on it.

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No matter how wrong the relationship was, nothing excuses how Deluca treated Maggie. He was threatened by her and therefore was completely disrespectful toward her.


The drama that went on in Alex and Jo's relationship has seemingly gone by the wayside now, but when it was at its peak, Grey's wasted no time dragging it out for all it was worth. The couple went through a significant on-again-off-again phase, and this was mostly due to the fact that Jo had not been honest about her past.

None of this is actually her fault, though, as she'd had a terrible upbringing and had struggled and fought constantly. But she probably should have been a little more truthful with Alex, a little earlier.


Alex Karev's behavior in the early seasons of Grey's, compared to his behavior now, is a great example of how beautiful his evolution was. Going from the pompous ass of an intern to the sweet, gentle pediatric attending is nothing short of an admiral thing.

But before Alex became the Alex we know now, he did his fair share of questionable things. Singling out George and mercilessly bullying him, for example, was needless and unfair.


Maggie has not done a lot of bad things during her time on Grey's. She's is normally known for being morally correct and kind. Most of her bad decisions normally stem from poor judgment rather than any kind of malicious intent.

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Her crush on Nathan, for example, was a poorly executed storyline from the beginning. Maggie is not the kind of person who falls all over a guy, so the portrayal of her when she had the hots for Riggs just did not feel genuine.


Owen has done some questionable, reckless, and just completely stupid things during his time on the show. He is not the mysterious, misunderstood trauma surgeon that Grey's introduced in season 4; he's now become something of a vague shadow of his former self.

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Owen's done some selfish stuff, but his ultimate peak of selfishness was definitely his marriage to Cristina. And his marriage to Amelia. Both of these relationships paralleled each other to a ridiculous extent, and both time Owen destroys the marriages with infidelity and pressuring his wives to have kids.


Amelia is often portrayed as being impulsive and absurdly immature. She was the youngest Shepherd sibling, often shown obvious favoritism - particularly by Derek. Due to her upbringing, Amelia was used to her reckless behavior being excused.

But this carried into adulthood, and the next thing you knew, she was performing life-or-death surgeries with a giant tumor pressing on her brain.


One of Meredith's most prevalent issues is her constant rejection of those who try to get close to her. Whether that's family members, Derek's family, or new relationships, Meredith remains guarded to the point of harmfulness.

This was damaging to her relationship with her own sister, Lexie, for quite some time. It also prevented her from calling Derek's family to notify them of his major injuries when he was put on life support.

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