The Worst Thing Each Main Character From The Arrowverse Has Done

The Arrowverse is a complex universe built up of the characters from DC Comics, starting with Arrow. The multiverse has since evolved to include some truly iconic characters. Over the years we've been introduced to a lot of comic accurate depictions of these heroes, some of which are making their debut in live-action.

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These characters are just as complicated as the world they live in and sometimes their decisions have dire consequences. Every hero makes mistakes and here are the main Arrowverse characters and the worst things that they have ever done!

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It seems obvious what Barry Allen's most fatal mistake has been. While he has made some choice decisions in the past, including sending his daughter back to the future without even letting her say goodbye to the rest of her family, there's really only one universe changing mishap to mention.

Barry Allen's choice in season 3 to save his mother from being murdered by Reverse-Flash had a significant impact on his own timeline. He completely changed everything that was to happen for himself and his friends and by reversing the damage he still left unintended consequences, such as John Diggle's daughter becoming a son.


Oliver Queen has also made a lot of mistakes. From his initial choice to cheat on Laurel Lance, to the dreadful decisions he's had to make as a vigilante. He's even given away his own life to the Monitor in order to protect Barry and Kara. The worst thing he has ever done though is his initial killing spree.

Oliver has struggled with whether to kill his enemies or not. It's this constant battle that has cost him so much. The way he started his career under the hood was anything but heroic though; going on a killing spree, ticking off the names on his Father's list. He should never stoop this low again as his actions had unforeseen effects.


Cisco has been a pretty consistent member of team Flash. The last season of the show had the heroes backs against the wall as they had to face two versions of Cicada. As they fought this new threat Vibe began to question whether he wanted to continue to live this superhero life.

To defeat Cicada, Cisco and Caitlin created a meta-human cure and administered it to those who wanted it. Cisco himself took it but could this whole process be a mistake. Who knows what could happen if the cure somehow got into the wrong hands and Cisco may regret giving up his powers!


Caitlin started off the show as a resident S.T.A.R. labs scientist. She supported team Flash where she could and had a few interesting character arcs. As the show moved forward though Caitlin's alter ego from the comics was revealed to be dormant inside her.

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Her first appearance as Killer Frost in season 2 guaranteed that she earnt the deadly nickname. She had no regard for human life and went on a bit of a killing rampage. The character has softened over time and is now a heroic member of the team, but her initial debut saw her as the killer she was intended to be.


Iris West has been a character involved in a lot of controversies since her first appearance on the Flash. Her relationship with Barry has had many people feeling uneasy and she often puts herself in unnecessary harm. Her parenting in the future is the thing that's making this list though.

Iris' decision to put a microchip in Nora's neck so that she could not use her powers is controlling and estranged her only daughter. Nora was already struggling with the loss of her father and this betrayal is what started the events which eventually led to Nora traveling into the past. Iris should not have made this life-changing choice on behalf of her child.


Kara is pretty perfect and tries to live her life as an example for others. Poisoning the air so that her boyfriend could no longer live there was one extremely terrible choice she's had to make to save the world, but it's a personal point that's worth mentioning.

Deciding to tell everyone about her secret identity as Supergirl, except for Lena, is a choice that is going to cost her. We can see from trailers of the upcoming season that Lena is out for revenge on Kara after lying to her since day one of their friendship. Kara could have given her the same courtesy as her other friends; she likely didn't because she's a Luthor though.


Sara is nowhere near a perfect human being. She's heroic when she can be and rough around the edges. She's died before, come back as some kind of bloodthirsty monster and is always going to be a killer at heart. At the same time, she's a quality leader to the Legends.

If she hadn't have gotten on the boat with her sister's boyfriend, Oliver Queen, then her life may have turned out very differently. By choosing to have this love affair she betrayed her sister, deeply hurt her family when she was lost at sea and put herself on the path of danger and chaos.


John Constantine is anything but a hero. Having led his own TV show that got canceled, Constantine was written into the main Arrowverse. With him, he brought all of his own problems and guilt, which have plagued him throughout his time on Legends of Tomorrow. 

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The worst thing he has ever done is losing a young girl named Astra, to the depths of hell. After trying everything he could to save her, he let her go. Although he has never stopped searching for her, by allowing this to happen in the first place she has been irreversibly corrupted.


Alex might be the best sister in all of the Arrowverse. But with her complicated D.E.O. job comes a lot of sacrifices. The biggest amongst those was when she had to conceal the identity of her own sister as Supergirl.

In order to make it through an alien lie detector test, Alex had to allow J'onn to erase her memories of Kara as the girl of steel. By doing so, she also lost a little part of herself and came at odds with Supergirl many times. It affected her relationship with her sister and impeded on her job. It's the worst choice she's made even if it was heroic, but luckily it has now been rectified.


J'onn J'onzz has a number of personal demons. He has been conflicted throughout his life over when it is appropriate to use conflict. After the death of his father, he sought to take a path of peace; that is until he came across the vengeful Manchester Black.

Something about the Brit threw J'onn off and he became tormented by the anti-hero. They were similar in many aspects but their fundamental values at that time were at odds. It all came to a head between the two with the Martian Manhunter eventually killing Manchester Black, essentially putting to rest the path of peace. This murder is an act that will continue to haunt J'onn.


Felicity was, for a time, the moral compass of team Arrow. When her husband Oliver was trying to turn back to the path of murder and grit, she would steer him in the right direction again. Even her tech was usually for the betterment of mankind and created for the greater good.

Her dark path in season 7, however, was perhaps the worst thing she has ever done. Her vengeful quest to murder Diaz threw every one of her principles away. She became more aggressive, purchased a firearm and created a computer program that's ultimately used to oppress the people of the glades. Her choice to take this darkened road definitely did not pay off.


John Diggle is one of the oldest characters in the Arrowverse. He's been there since day one and has had many tough calls on the field. He's protected his teammates and his family to the best of his ability and even donned the green hood on many occasions.

His decision to join the potentially corrupt A.R.G.U.S. is the worst thing he has ever done though. They often make morally dubious decisions and will one day become an oppressive force seeking peace through military might. He may believe his actions are noble but any affiliation with this group is bad news for justice.

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