The 10 Worst That ‘70s Show Episodes Ever According To IMDb

That '70s Show

One of the most interesting sitcoms to look back at is That '70s Show. For one, it was one of the last great comedy series filmed in front of a live studio audience. For another, it rode the nostalgia wave of a popular era two decades after it ended by touching on timeless subjects. And of course, it launched the careers of successes like Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and many others.

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For all the good that came from this series, it wasn't all groovy. The show had its fair share of episodes that didn't quite hit the mark the way they hoped. You'll find that's especially true for the much-maligned eighth and final season. Looking at the scores submitted by IMDB users, we've listed the ten worst episodes in That '70s Show history.

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10 Keep Yourself Alive (Season 8, Episode 15)

When we said that season eight got a negative response from fans and critics, we weren't kidding. It's at the bottom of the barrel and dominates this list. The episode "Keep Yourself Alive" is one riddled with sitcom clichés. The main premise was that Kitty's engagement ring is lost out the window of the car while returning from a local fair.

Red leaves the kids at the spot to search for the ring while he takes Kitty home. Donna and Randy try to have alone time to further a romance that none of the fans wanted, while Fez had his own side adventure. Of course, Bob spilled the beans to Kitty that the ring cost $65 and not $1,000 as Red said. Lying about being cheap? A tired sitcom move.

9 Leaving Home Ain't Easy (Season 8, Episode 20)

The latest entry listed, "Leaving Home Ain't Easy" came two episodes before the finale. The main crux was about the relationship between Fez and Jackie. Fez pined after her since the first season. She finally realized that she liked him in these last few episodes, but he declined.

Fez did so because he didn't want to be her second choice. It led to something of an all-out war in this episode that just never clicked the way it probably could have with other characters. The subplot of Donna being unsure about taking her relationship with Randy to the next level also failed to hit because their romance never felt natural.

8 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Season 8, Episode 17)

This was the episode where Jackie really started making moves towards a courtship with Fez. Noticing that she liked him, Jackie turned to Donna for assistance. However, Donna had her own problems going on while in therapy with a psychiatrist who also saw Kitty regularly.

On the other side of things, Red was having trouble with retirement. He got so bored that he spent time as the handyman at Hyde's record shop and drove the gang crazy. It's another case of the final season throwing ideas from old shows at the wall. It went against a lot of what made the series so special in the first place.

7 Son And Daughter (Season 8, Episode 14)

A week before the previously listed episode, there was "Son and Daughter." It was another episode that followed a common trend seen in this kind of show. Hyde housesits for his dad and his friends convince him to throw a big party. The party goes south and a guitar autographed by a famous musician gets damaged.

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When they try to fix it, it only gets worse. This has been done to death in sitcoms and it wasn't done in particularly funny fashion here. On the other side of things, Donna uncovered the real reason why Kitty was against her relationship with Randy, and it wasn't just loyalty to Eric.

6 Sheer Heart Attack (Season 8, Episode 19)

There's a lot wrong with this installment of the series. "Sheer Heart Attack" saw Red return from the hospital with a clean bill of health after spending $200 on heart medicine. To get rid of this surplus and get money back, he enlisted Hyde to peddle the pills. Yes, Hyde and Red were drug dealers for an episode. That made no sense.

Speaking of things that didn't make sense, there was the Fez storyline. He was ready to settle down and not be such a ladies' man anymore. Yet Fez spent most of the show getting rejected by girls. And the one woman he chooses to be with? His crazy ex-girlfriend Caroline.

5 Spread Your Wings (Season 8, Episode 13)

When an episode centered around Donna and Randy, there was a good chance it didn't work. That was the case with "Spread Your Wings." Donna was into Randy and everyone found out. The gang mostly just teased her, but her concern was Eric's parents. Red gave her his blessing, but Kitty reacted extremely negatively.

The combination of those reactions and the looming presence of Eric caused Donna to temporarily dump Randy in a bit of drama that didn't resonate. Elsewhere, Jackie messed up Fez's chance with a girl named Hilary. Even an Isaac Hayes guest appearance couldn't save this episode.

4 You're My Best Friend (Season 8, Episode 3)

It was clear early on that season eight was going to be a struggle. The third episode, "You're My Best Friend," was a key indicator. Hyde started the season by returning to Point Place with a stripper wife. Though the wedding was over, Randy got the gang to throw him a bachelor party in the Foreman basement.

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The party doesn't go as planned and the guys end up in jail. Red and Kitty, who were convinced to go on a date by Kelso, returned home to find Leo with some bored strippers in the living room. This episode did get helped by the appearance of Kelso, who wasn't in much of this season.

3 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Season 8, Episode 11)

Apparently, even the guest-starring work of the legendary Mary Tyler Moore couldn't make this a better episode. She played Christina St. George, Jackie's boss at the station who gave her a ton of trouble. To get her to lighten up, Jackie fed her some brownies made by Kitty.

The ploy worked, but then Jackie claimed the brownie recipe to be her own on television. That sent Kitty into a tizzy, though we wish it was more like one of her menopause freak-outs. The other plot saw Leo have a crush on Donna. Leo isn't the most consistent character, but that was a stretch for him.

2 Who Needs You (Season 8, Episode 9)

A lot of this final batch of episodes focused on Jackie and Fez as roommates. In "Who Needs You," Fez ended their co-habitation when she accidentally flooded the apartment. However, Jackie made things right by bonding with their landlord and Fez's rival, Fenton.

Over at the Foreman's, Red and Kitty dealt with having another married couple under their roof. Hyde and his new bride Samantha were having nonstop arguments. They eventually found out the reasons behind the fights and it ended up helping out their own relationship.

1 Sweet Lady (Season 8, Episode 10)

A rough pair of back-to-back episodes for That '70s Show. "Sweet Lady" came right after the previous entry and is the lowest rated episode on IMDB. This was when Jackie met her future boss, Christina St. George, and wanted nothing more than to be her co-anchor on "What's Up Wisconsin?" The job she gets doesn't turn out to be the one she wanted.

The other side plots were kind of similar. Donna questioned Randy's motives when he invited her to spend time with him at his family's cabin and Hyde's motivations came under fire when he took Red to his lodge. Unfortunately, none of these storylines seemed to grab the audiences at IMDB.

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