14Catwoman (2004)

Catwoman Game

Based on the ill-advised movie of the same name, the Catwoman tie-in video game released in 2004. Whilst terrible movie tie-ins are mostly par for the course, Catwoman managed to be a special kind of bad. The fact that it was based on a complete turkey of a movie shattered

its ankle straight out of the gate, but the pre-rendered cutscenes managed to be even worse than their live-action counterparts. This was mostly down the the distractingly bad performances turned in by usually talented actors like Jennifer Hale and Jeremy Renner (!)

As far as the gameplay went, it was about 80% awkward platforming and 20% stupid combat. Forget Sharon Stone's villainous Laurel; your biggest enemy in the Catwoman game is the camera, which refuses to play ball. Most of the time, your platform failings will be down to the game's uncanny ability to choose the absolute worst angle for the player to proceed with. When you are able to see what's going on, it's hard to care,  whether it's by-the-numbers platforming or the insultingly easy combat which will cause enemies to literally hurl themselves into walls or environmental hazards if you didn't dispatch them quickly enough. Couple in the fact that on top of everything else, the game controls with all the precision of a drunken pig, and you've got yourself a hefty hairball of an experience that we'll let you all get back to forgetting about.

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