The 10 Worst Storylines On Gilmore Girls

It's always interesting when a popular TV series is known for having some boring characters or storylines, or even entire seasons that just don't stand up to the rest of the episodes. In the case of fan favorite Gilmore Girls, everyone pretty much agrees that the seventh season isn't the same since showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn't involved.

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But even the other seasons of the hilarious show about a cool mother and her smart daughter have some less than perfect moments. There are some plotlines that really don't make any sense within the context of the show. Here are the ten worst storylines on Gilmore Girls.

10 Lorelai And Jason's Relationship

When fans think about Lorelai dating anyone, it would definitely have to be scruffy diner owner Luke Danes. It feels like a big mistake anytime that she dates anyone else. Even before Luke and Lorelai started a relationship, it was clear that they were fated to be together.

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When Lorelai dates Jason Stiles, it's truly awkward, and it's one of the worst storylines on the show. Their relationship is a focal point of the fourth season and it feels like it should never have happened. Jason often acts pretty silly and he doesn't deserve an amazing person like Lorelai.

What's the worst thing about Jason? He literally has Lorelai sleep in a guest room. It's not strange in a hilarious and quirky way like the rest of the show. It's just weird.

9 Emily Has A Crisis And Wants To Purchase A Plane

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Emily Kelly Bishop

Even though Emily Gilmore isn't exactly Lorelai's favorite person, fans love the strong woman who is Lorelai's mother and Rory's grandma. She's funny, intelligent, and never shies away from sharing her opinions.

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The sixth season episode "The Prodigal Daughter" contains one of the worst storylines on Gilmore Girls: Emily is about to purchase a plane. She's freaking out that Rory, who has been living in the guest house after leaving Yale behind for a period of time, has messed up so badly. And she starts wondering if she did something to ruin Rory's life and academic career. It's honestly an odd moment and the fact that Lorelai has to figure out why her mom wants a plane all of a sudden is confusing.

8 Rory And Jess Are In A Car Accident

This season two storyline, which is part of the episode "Teach Me Tonight", is one of the absolute worst. Rory is supposed to be tutoring Jess, which would be awkward enough since they like each other, but things get even worse when the two are in a car accident.

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This storyline seems to only exist in order to prove how much the Stars Hollow folk dislike Jess and how much Rory cares about him. It doesn't add anything to the show since by this point, we know how everyone sees Jess, and he's been the town bad boy ever since he arrived to live with his uncle Luke.

7 Emily Won't Accept That Luke And Lorelai Are A Couple

Luke’s and Lorelai’s First Kiss

Emily is always one tough cookie and even more so when, in the fifth season, she learns that Luke and Lorelai are dating. One would think that since she accurately picks up on the chemistry between the two of them in the first season when they're at the hospital after Richard's heart attack, she would support the lovebirds. Not so, of course, as this is Emily Gilmore.

Instead, in the episode "You Jump, I Jump, Jack", Emily has Luke come over for dinner... and is super mean to him. She seriously won't stop making negative comments. This is one of the worst storylines on Gilmore Girls because it's exactly what fans would expect Emily to do. It would have been more interesting if Emily had changed her tune and been supportive.

6 Logan Gets Hurt Thanks To The Life and Death Brigade

Alexis Bledel as Rory and Matt Czuchry as Logan in Gilmore Girls

Logan gets so hurt in the season six episode "Super Cool Party People" that he has to go to the hospital. Rory knows that The Life and Death Brigade that Logan is a part of is a seriously bad idea, and this just proves it.

This is one of the worst storylines on Gilmore Girls because it's yet another example of how silly and immature Logan is. While many fans are on Team Logan, others aren't fans of his behavior and don't think that he's anywhere near good enough for Logan. Those of us who feel that way really dislike this particular storyline.

5 Paris Gives Rory A Bunch Of Crappy Assignments

Season one of Gilmore Girls is pretty much perfect. Season two? It's really close, but there are a few storylines that aren't the greatest. One of them is in the episode "Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy" when Paris Gellar gives Rory a bunch of crappy assignments for the school paper.

First, Paris wants Rory to write about the repaving of the parking lot, and she blows everyone away with how well-written her piece is. Then she gets Rory to interview Max since she knows that Max is dating Lorelai. This is pure mean girl and it's a bit dull to watch since this is what we would expect from this type of character.

4 Lorelai And Alex's Fishing Date

One of the worst storylines on Gilmore Girls is in the season three episode "Lorelai Out Of Water" when she goes on a super weird date (at least for her): fishing.

This is pretty painful to watch. No one would ever think that Lorelai would go fishing... and while that could be hilarious, it doesn't end up that way. Instead, it's awkward, and seeing Lorelai in fishing gear is really odd.

3 Rory Sleeping With Dean While He's Married

In the fourth season, Rory and Dean sleep together, and fans definitely wanted to shout at the TV screen "This is a bad idea!" This is one of the worst storylines on Gilmore Girls because it just doesn't ring true to Rory's character.

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We don't exactly want to call Rory Gilmore a goody-two shoes but she definitely leans more in that direction than not. She follows the rules, studies hard, and is a really good person. This storyline showcases her as someone who does whatever she wants and honestly doesn't care that the guy that she is sleeping with is already married. That doesn't seem like Rory.

2 Lorelai And Luke Break Up Because He Learns He Has A Daughter

When a couple has a child, it's definitely a big deal and can be a strain on the relationship. What about if a couple isn't married yet or even thinking about having kids of their own... and then they learn that one of them already has a kid?

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That's what happens to Luke and Lorelai when he discovers that he has a daughter named April. Instead of bringing them closer together, this storyline tears Luke and Lorelai apart and they eventually break up.

This is a bad storyline as it's not what fans wanted to see. These two are always meant to be and nothing should change that -- not even a daughter who appears out of the blue.

1 Rory Leaves Yale And Stops Talking To Lorelai

This is, without a doubt, THE worst storyline on Gilmore Girls. The entire show is about the wonderful and warm-hearted relationship that this mom and daughter share... and they literally start ignoring each other in the sixth season?! What?!

We won't even get into what prompts this storyline -- Rory stealing a yacht (which is bad enough) -- and will just focus on the time that these Gilmores don't speak to one another. It's confusing to watch and just plain sad. It also doesn't make any sense that Rory wouldn't want to continue her education. She's all about school.

Gilmore Girls fans definitely have to forget about these 10 storylines, that's for sure.

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