12 Star Wars Moments that Make Fans Cringe

8No medal for Chewbacca

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Luke Skywalker has destroyed the Death Star! No more planets will be destroyed in the foreseeable future! Han Solo and Chewbacca played a heroic role in the legendary Battle of Yavin as well! So the triumphant music swells as the Rebels gather together for a celebratory ceremony. At the front of the hall, Princess Leia stands in her formal gown with other Rebel luminaries, plus the droids, Luke, Han and Chewie. Leia proudly places medals around the necks of Han and Luke. But Chewie totally gets the shaft! No medal for the Wookiee. He shouts a supposedly celebratory growl just before the credits roll – but is he really shouting, “Where’s my bleeping medal?”

Were the Rebel leaders rabid anti-Wookieeites? It certainly seemed at the very least like a questionable omission. The films never explained it, but the no-longer-canon Expanded Universe offered this overly simple explanation: Wookiees don’t care about tangible awards. Still, the EU went on to depict Han later requesting a medal for Chewie anyway, which Leia offered in a private ceremony.

7Anakin hitting on Padme

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When last we saw Anakin and Padme, at the end of The Phantom Menace, Anakin was 10 and Padme was 14. They hadn’t known each other very long and, at best, their relationship was something akin to a big sister/little brother kind of dynamic. Then, in Attack of the Clones, things get weird. Now, Anakin is 19 and Padme is 24. They haven’t seen each other in about a decade. The first time he sees her, he leers creepily at her.

Her first words to him are those of an aunt who hasn’t seen him since he was a little boy. “My goodness you’ve grown,” she says. But Annie immediately, inappropriately, goes all playa on her: “So have you… grown more beautiful, I mean…” She quickly shuts him down, saying, “You’ll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine.” After she leaves, he goes on to reveal to Obi-Wan that he thought about her every day since they last saw each other. It’s one thing to have a schoolboy crush, but it’s another thing entirely to immediately get all flirty right away, especially when she doesn’t appear even remotely interested in him as anything more than an old childhood friend.

6Padme lost the will to live?

padme star wars revenge of the sith

There’s only one explanation given in Revenge of the Sith for Padme’s death while giving birth to Luke and Leia. A medical droid says it doesn’t know why she’s dying. “She has lost the will to live,” it says. Are we really supposed to believe that? Sure, we suspend our disbelief when we watch Star Wars movies. We believe that this is a world where the Force exists and there are aliens and starships that can jump to hyperspace. People die in a lot of different ways, ways that aren’t possible in our lives, and that’s fine: they’re sliced by lightsabers, shot by blaster fire, eaten by rancors and sarlaccs, force choked, exploded in Death Stars and in planetary destructions. These are all believable ways to die in this galaxy far, far away. But losing the will to live? That’s pushing our disbelief too far.

Sure, she had been choked by Anakin not long before her death, but she survived that and the medical droid said that she was completely healthy, despite being on her death bed. So what was it really? Something “real” had to have killed her. There are fan theories that describe how Darth Sidious was responsible, but they’re just that: theories. The film doesn’t tell us any more than she lost the will to live.


qui gon anakin midi-chlorians star wars the phantom menace

Until The Phantom Menace, fans were perfectly happy believing in the Force as it had been explained in the original trilogy. It was “an energy field created by all living things,” according to Obi-Wan in A New Hope. Certain people simply were stronger in the Force and could manipulate it to do their bidding, from lifting an X-wing fighter out of a swamp, to choking someone. That was enough. We could buy that, mysticism and all.

But in The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon went all science-y on us with the Force. Suddenly the Force was quantifiable, and that just didn’t seem right. The Master Jedi tells young Anakin that there are microscopic life forms called midi-chlorians that live inside our cells and speak to us, “telling you the will of the Force.” Little Anakin had few perfect lines of dialogue, but he got it bang-on when he said, “I don’t understand.

4Luke whining on Tatooine

luke skywalker star wars a new hope

When they were young, both Luke and his father had a real whiny streak. Luke’s whining is particularly grating early in A New Hope when they’re still on Tatooine. But his bad mood is understandable. He doesn’t want to be there. It’s not where his destiny lies, living on this desert planet performing the most menial of tasks. He’s so desperate for some excitement that even those menial tasks have a hierarchy in his mind. What would you rather do: clean up two droids or drive somewhere to pick up power converters? It seems that Luke would rather do the latter, when he moans, “But I was going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters.” There’s no stage direction in the script to pour on the whiny tone for this line, but Mark Hamill does it anyway. And it’s just a little too much.

Later, when Luke is cleaning his new droids back at the Lars homestead, he gets his whine on again. Frustrated with his lot in life, he groans like a petulant child, “It just isn’t fair. Oh, Biggs is right. I’m never gonna get out of here!

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