The Shocker and Spider-Man

“Affectionately” called The Vibrator by his greatest foe, Herman Schultz is easily the most recognizable villain to make this list. When middling career criminal Schultz used his time in jail to craft a shock-wave amplifying battle suit, he escaped confinement and became Shocker.

Though he defeated Spidey on their first

bout, it was only because Peter’s arm had recently been broken. We’d like to think things would have gone differently if the Spider’s limbs were all functional. However, Shocker has pulled off some impressive feats, including blacking-out portions of New York City only to spell his name from a bird’s-eye perspective with lights. Shocker was also a member of the Masters of Evil and even fought along-side the Guardians of the Galaxy when they faced alien doubles of themselves.

Yet, despite being one of Spidey’s oldest foes (his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #46), Shocker is far from one of his greatest. His power-suit gives him the ability to create vibrational blasts and a vibrational shield, hence his rather unfortunate nickname. He’s had some fun moments in both TV shows and video-games, but like the comics, each encounter ends in defeat. It’s no shock that he made our list.

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