15 Sidekicks That Ruined Their Own Movies

Movie sidekicks are meant to aid the hero by whatever means possible; whether they're figuring out relationship problems, helping defeat the villain, or even disarming a bomb on a moving train. Their purpose is to keep the hero on track so that they can save the day. No sidekick really wants to fail at their job, but due to poor personality or tacky one-liners, sometimes they just can’t help it.

Some of the worst sidekicks in movie history meant well, but couldn’t live up to their title. When they end up being more of a hinderance than a help, it can leave a bad taste in the viewers’ mouths. They can come off as hokey, one-dimensional, or whiny.

There are usually two main reasons why sidekicks can go wrong. The first is offering no real help to the protagonist resulting in the hero getting in to unnecessary trouble. The other reason is more dependent on the audience's reception of the character. If there is no chemistry between the good guys or the audience is annoyed too frequently by the sidekick, there is no coming back.

Here are the 15 Sidekicks That Ruined Their Own Movies.

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15 Ron Weasley in The Goblet of Fire

Everyone knows that out of the famous magical trio in Harry Potter, Ron is just along for the ride. However, Ron has never been as useless as he was in The Goblet of Fire.

Ron spends the movie consumed with jealousy and pettiness. When Harry’s name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, Ron is certain Harry somehow cheated to be in the Triwizard Tournament. He holds on to this notion throughout the movie, snarling at Harry any time he can.

Instead of trusting his friend from the beginning, he only comes around when Harry is almost killed by a dragon in the first task. Sadly, this isn’t the end of Ron’s ineffectiveness as a sidekick. His pettiness becomes unbearable when Hermione goes to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum. Instead of processing his emotions properly, he makes Hermione cry.

14 Peeta in The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is a force to be reckoned with in the dystopian world of The Hunger Games. Naturally, when our heroine is introduced at the beginning of the movie, she is smart, capable, and tough-as-nails. Then comes the introduction of Peeta, the baker from District 12 who needs to be rescued all the time.

The only thing that separates Peeta from the rest of the contestants of the Hunger Games is that he will not kill anyone in order to survive. He is a pacifist that will use his cake decorating skills to become a camouflage expert.The point is that Peeta brings very little to the table and is more often than not in a situation where he requires saving from Katniss.

13 Robin in Batman & Robin

There are many things wrong with Joel Schumacher’s Batman& Robin. From the endless ice puns to the bat nipples, this movie is rife with eye-rolling moments. The cringe-inducing moments don’t stop there as even Batman’s sidekick acts more like a confused teenager than a superhero.

From the beginning, Robin feels under appreciated by Batman, who is just doing his best to keep Robin out of danger. The story escalates when Poison Ivy seduces the pair of heroes with her powers. While Batman is not immune to her charms, he still understands that she is up to no good.

Robin is unable to come to the same conclusion. Instead of trusting his partner, he whines and moans the whole time about how Batman doesn’t want him and Ivy to be together. Eventually, he comes around and helps save the day but not in time to save this movie.

12 Olaf in Frozen

Disney Frozen Josh Gad as Olaf

Olaf is a snowman who likes warm hugs. We know this because he repeats this throughout the entirety of Frozen, as if the irony will get cute if he says it enough times. The sidekick comes to life when Elsa finally lets it go and embraces her powers. The cheery snowman represents the tether between the sisters as he tries to help them overcome the strain in their relationship.

Olaf is an unnecessary layer of sprinkles on an already glittery Disney cake. The movie has the adorable animal sidekick in Sven and apart from the speech he says to Anna in the third act, Olaf doesn’t do much to shape the story. He is annoyingly happy even in the face of danger and sings everyone’s least favourite song in the movie.

11 Private William Hudson in Aliens

If the other members of your combat unit have to constantly yell at you to calm down, you're probably the useless member of the group. Such was the case with Private Hudson in Aliens. Hudson was a combat technician for the United States Marine Corps who arrived on the planet LV-426 to eliminate the Xenomorph infestation.

While Hudson blew a lot of stuff up, his constant whining and negative attitude got in the way of his effectiveness and overall likability. Whenever the crew was ambushed by xenomorphs, Hudson would curse a lot, shoot some things, and immediately go into his "we are all doomed" rant. Apart from not dying while the rest of the unit kept falling prey to the aliens, Hudson didn’t bring any sensible solution to the table.

10 Herman "Fergee" Ferguson in Judge Dredd (1995)

Judge Dredd (1995) Directed by Danny Cannon Shown: Rob Schneider, Sylvester Stallone

There is nothing cooler than a hacker as a sidekick, but when that hacker is played by Rob Schneider, the cool factor decreases exponentially. Schneider plays Herman Ferguson in 1995's Judge Dredd.

Fergee encounters Judge Dredd when he hides inside a robot during a shootout. Fergee then gets tangled up in Dredd’s efforts to rid Mega City One from crime. Unfortunately, all Fergee has to offer are bad one-liners and hiding behind pieces of blown-up buildings.

The original comic book sidekick is supposed to be an anti-hero and a comic relief element, but with Schneider on screen, it ends up being annoying instead of funny. A cowardly sidekick could bring on the laughs, but Fergee doesn't even bring a smile to your face.

9 Stifler in American Pie

There has never been a worse wingman than Steve Stifler. The loud, obnoxious, and arrogant Stifler is responsible for most of the terrible things that happen to the main four friends in American Pie.

Stifler’s only purpose in the movie is to set up awesome parties for his friends, so that they can complete their pact of losing their virginities. Aside from that, all he does is get everyone in trouble.

An example of this is when he gives Finch a large dose of laxatives, resulting in the poor guy having quite an embarrassing moment in front of his classmates. The only reason Stifler is somewhat lovable is because he always pays for his horrible behavior. This is shown when Finch ends up hooking up with Stifler's mom by the end of the movie.

8 Jacob in The Twilight Saga

There can’t be a love triangle without having an obvious safe choice to contrast the dangerous bad boy. It goes without saying that when it comes to the Twilight saga Jacob and Edward fit this mold perfectly.

Jacob’s intentions with Bella are clear from the start. In New Moon, when Bella is single and depressed because of Edward vanishing, Jacob swoops in to fill the void. When Jacob and Bella fight, he tries to reconcile but that never lasts long.

He never respects Bella's choices and ends up running off into the woods to sulk as a werewolf. Granted, Bella’s choices are always terrible and there is a long-standing hate between vampires and werewolves. However, when your best friend can’t stop himself from falling in love with your baby daughter, maybe he really isn't your best friend.

7 Michael Williams in The Blair Witch Project

It is hard to decide which one of the three main characters in The Blair Witch Project is the most useless. When considering the plot of the movie, everything could have been avoided if it weren’t for Michael.

Michael Williams is the sound engineer who, along with documentary director Heather Donahue and cameraman Josh Leonard, goes to investigate the rumors of the Blair Witch in a forest in Maryland. Along the way, Michael throws their only map into the river and the gang ends up getting lost.

Michael makes the worst decisions when they find the abandoned house. He not only ditches Heather, but comes down in to the basement by himself. What happens afterwards is unclear but Michael definitely deserved that timeout in the corner.

6 Eli Cash in The Royal Tenenbaums

Eli is the best friend of one of the Tenenbaum prodigies, Richie. Eli has always wanted to be a part of the family. He writes questionable historical fiction novels that do well commercially but are panned critically.

Eli feeds his fame by constantly mentioning the Tenenbaums and his relationship with them, and he frequently sends his reviews to Etheline, Richie's mother. As annoying as the constant name-dropping is, what makes Eli a terrible sidekick is his affair with Richie’s adopted sister, Margot.

While Eli could be excused by saying he didn’t know Richie was in love with her, Richie wrote Eli a letter confessing his forbidden love when they were kids. On top of that, he literally crashes Etheline’s wedding, putting Chas' children in danger and killing their dog. Worst best friend ever.

5 Yolandi and Ninja in Chappie

Initially, this couple seem to be the villains of the movie, since they kidnap a scientist and demand that he reprogram a police robot to fight for them. Eventually, they become Chappie’s sort-of guardians who teach him about emotions and right from wrong.

While Yolandi takes on a motherly role, Ninja wants Chappie to be gangster and fight for them. To train him, he leaves him in a dangerous neighbourhood to fend for himself. Chappie is attacked by thugs and traumatized as a result.

When Yolandi finds out about Chappie's incident she is furious with Ninja, but then she still lets him interact with Chappie alone. Ninja, while apologetic, tricks Chappie to constantly steal cars, among various other crimes.

This eventually catches the attention of the movie’s real villain, Vincent, who wants to eliminate all the police robots. It’s because of Ninja’s ridiculous antics that Chappie is found and nearly destroyed by Vincent.

4 Willie Scott in Temple of Doom

If you want hear the most annoying sound in the world, watch Temple of Doom and listen to Willie Scott screaming for the entire movie.

Willie Scott is a cabaret singer in Shanghai when she gets tangled up in one of Indiana Jones’ adventures. While she didn’t ask for the adventure, this is a character who can’t roll with the punches. As a result, we are supposed to get funny moments from this damsel who feels out of place. Instead, she is an annoying, whiny, over-the-top stereotype of a damsel in distress.

She constantly makes things worse for Indy with her fainting and endless screaming. When she complains about the smell of her elephant, she pours an entire bottle of perfume over its head! Her ridiculousness is exacerbated when it is compared with the former pairing of Indy with tough-as-nails Marion.

3 Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb in Pacific Rim

Another common stereotype of sidekicks is the Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum pairing. In Pacific Rim, the producers opted for two scientists who butt heads and ham in important information.

Newton and Hermann work in the Hong Kong Shatterdome to research the weaknesses of the Kaijus. What the Jaegers can’t do with blunt force, these two try to do with their brains. The only problem is Newton has the maturity level of a twelve year old, while Hermann is more by-the-book.

While their discoveries give the humans an advantage in the end, their scenes always feel like short intermissions where we get to see clowns throwing pies at each other. To compensate for that, the story helps them discover valuable data by connecting with dead Kaiju, but they aren't any less annoying in spite of this.

2 Rachel in War of the Worlds

Dakota Fanning plays Rachel Ferrier in 2005's War of the Worlds. After we are introduced to her and her father, they spend the rest of the movie running away from aliens.

Rachel’s main role is to scream and cry. While this is understandable at first seeing as she is a ten year old who is terrified of everything, it gets old fast. There is no other point to her character other than to motivate her father, played by Tom Cruise, to constantly keep running from the invaders.

When she is not piercing your eardrums, Rachel is sobbing and yelling constantly. She is helpless to the point where she can’t even walk on her own and is carried around all the time. The movie treated her as if she was four and not ten.

1 Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace

The Star Wars franchise has always featured humor, but it was never as over-the-top, offensive, and annoying as the insufferable Jar Jar Binks.

Apart from having a terrible voice, especially in comparison to Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor’s soft-spoken characters, Jar Jar has no purpose. Even his own people, the Gungans, didn’t want him because he was a clumsy, bumbling idiot who ruined everything around him.

He is always getting himself into trouble and often has to be saved by one of the Jedi. He has no skills in the battlefield, dismisses the Force and speaks in a manner that many considered to be a racial stereotype. Despite all this, he still manages to help fight off the droids in the Battle of Naboo - completely by accident of course.


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