The 10 Worst Netflix Original Movies Since it Launched (According To IMDb)

Netflix may have produced some truly great original content, but some of its original movies are really just plain bad.

Netflix has been the kingpin of the streaming services game for many years now. At first, they made their profit by buying television and films from other production companies but over the years, Netflix has become known for creating tons of its own creative content and IP. When Netflix first started producing original television series, people were impressed with the quality.

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But while they mastered TV, at least for a while, Netflix has always struggled when it comes to making great original films. They've had some diamonds in the rough but they've also made a lot of duds, such as the following list. See what other users think of Netflix films by checking out the top 10 lowest-rated Netflix original movies, according to IMDb.

10 Father of the Year (2018) (5.2)

Father of the Year comes from Adam Sandler's production company (as several of the films on this list do) and stars David Spade, Bridget Mendler, Matt Shively, and Joey Bragg. The story revolves around two college graduates. One night, they get into an argument while drunk.

The argument stems from the two of them unable to decide which of their dads would be able to beat the other. When their respective fathers find out, they take the bet seriously and try to figure out the truth for themselves to disastrous results. If you're typically a fan of Spade's comedy, you might like this film, but most people on IMDb hated it.

9 The Week Of (2018) (5.1)

The plot to The Week Of is pretty similar to that of the aforementioned Father of the Year. This movie focuses on Sandler's pals, including Sandler himself. He and Chris Rock face-off as two fathers who can't stand each other but must come together because their kids are getting married.

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Rachel Dratch, Allison Strong, Steve Buscemi, and Noah Robbins also star alongside Rock and Sandler. The film was panned by critics who thought, while Sandler was alright, that Rock didn't even seem invested in the movie at all.

8 Sandy Wexler (2017) (5.1)

While Sandy Wexler was considered, by many, to be an improvement on several other Sandler comedy films, it still did not perform well with audiences or critics. Credit can be given to Sandler for trying something a little different in this satirical film based on his real-life manager, but overall it still falls flat.

Sandler plays a talent manager in the 1990s who represents a very eclectic group of clientele. He eventually meets a new singer, played by Jennifer Hudson, with genuine talent and falls in love with her.

7 How it Ends (2018) (5.0)

Kat Graham, Theo James, and Forrest Whittaker lead this dud of a movie that fails on multiple levels. Not only is the story nonsensical, but the special effects are low-budget and How it Ends contains some truly abysmal film editing.

The movie takes place in an apocalyptic setting and follows James' character, Will, who is trying to reach his pregnant girlfriend after they get separated in the chaos. Many people who watched the film complained that it was full of too many unfulfilled plotlines and loose ends.

6 The Ridiculous 6 (2015) (4.8)

An orphaned boy named White Knife that was raised by a group of Native Americans tries to find his biological father in this Adam Sandler comedy film. The movie also stars Taylor Lautner Rob Schneider, Terry Crews, and Luke Wilson.

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You may have heard about The Ridiculous 6 when Netflix was initially producing the film as it underwent quite a bit of controversy due to cultural insensitivity over its portrayal of Apache culture. The film received a historic 0 percent approval score on Rotten Tomatoes and didn't fare much better, even with Sandler fans.

5 IO (2019) (4.7)

Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley lead the cast of this science-fiction film that released earlier this year. The story follows the two survivors after it is discovered that no one can survive on Earth any longer.

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Qualley's character, a scientist named Sam, wants to stay on Earth and see if that is actually true or if she can find a way to reverse the effects of the toxic gas that makes it unlivable. She crosses paths with Mackie's character, Micah, who remains unconvinced. Within 48 hours, Micah plans to vacate in a shuttle to Jupiter's moon, IO, which has for human life.

4 I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016) (4.5)

Ruth Wilson stars as a live-in nurse in this Netflix thriller. Despite being touted as a potential critical darling, the movie ultimately fell flat, although it was liked way more by critics than it was by casual viewers.

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While critics gave it mixed reviews and an overall approval rating of 58 percent, casual viewers were much less kind. Despite the fact the movie was meant to be a haunted house story, many felt that it was slow and tedious and that nothing ultimately happens to give you any sort of pay off.

3 Death Note (2017) (4.5)

Death Note is an extremely popular anime series about a teenager named Light Yagami who stumbles upon a mysterious book that will kill anyone after you write their name down inside of it. Netflix decided to cash in on its popularity by creating a live-action film, and it failed miserably.

The movie is often perceived as a massive joke due to whitewashing, bad casting, bad acting, and more. The film was never really given a chance, but even upon release, it proved all the criticism was warranted.

2 Secret Obsession (2019) (4.3)

Brenda Song stars in Secret Obsession, which was released earlier this year. Her character, Jennifer, wakes up with amnesia one day after enduring a traumatic incident.

Luckily for Jennifer, her eager and adorable husband Russell (Mike Vogel) is waiting for her and helps her get acclimated to her day-to-day life. However, Jennifer begins to realize that not everything is what it seems. Most criticisms of this movie were about how cliche and predictable it was.

1 The Open House (2018) (3.2)

The Open House is yet another "haunted house" movie on Netflix that revolves around a mother and son who believe they are under attack from supernatural forces in their new home. Dylan Minnette of 13 Reasons Why fame stars alongside Piercy Dalton. Logan and Naomi Wallace relocate to a secluded house in the mountains after Logan's father, and Naomi's husband is killed in a car crash.

Once there, they begin to notice strange things about their new neighbors and the place they've moved that slowly escalates into a nightmare. Most criticisms about the movie were due to its poor pacing, lack of genuine thrills, and the number of weird plot holes the film has.

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