From Page to Screen: 15 Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - New Green Goblin

Every good super hero film needs a good super villain for the world-saving protagonist to fight - and apparently every super villain needs a good personal wardrobe assistant. After all, who has time to pick out properly contrasting colors and be concerned with how a fabric drapes on their body when there is a maniacal scheme of world domination to plan?

Dozens of improperly-clad super villains have made their way from the comic book page to the big screen, and we've compiled our top 15 worst offenders. To make this list, the movie villain must have had a comic book version first - which unfortunately means no ridiculously-dressed Nuclear Man from Superman IV.

Let's take a look at the 15 Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes...

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