very movie fan knows that some of a film’s key scenes can wind up cut down, skipped over, or removed from the finished movie completely. Usually, that means some welcome moments are missed, but other times, it creates plot holes and obvious questions the movie never answers. Either that, or the writers and directors never cared to actually come up with an explanation at all.

Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained.

Star Trek

Star Trek Deleted Scene Nero Prison Planet 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

There actually IS an explanation for what the movie’s villain did for the twenty five years between his arrival in the past – killing Kirk’s father – and kidnapping Spock. Deleted scenes showed he and his crew were locked up in a Klingon prison. But there’s no way to explain how, or why Spock entered the wormhole with the enemy’s ship, but was spit out twenty five years after.

Since it’s dealing with wormholes and time travel, it’s fine to leave that as fringe science. But the idea that a mining crew would be able to predict where or when Spock’s ship popped out (as is shown in the film) is practically impossible.

The Avengers

The Avengers Cast Team 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

In the emotional climax of the Marvel team-up, it’s Tony Stark who sacrificed himself to save New York, flying into a portal above the city to destroy the alien invaders’ ship. The plan works, too: when the nuke detonates, and the portal closes, the enemy forces drop dead. Wait, what? Why would living, breathing soldiers die when their command ship was destroyed?

Even director Joss Whedon has admitted that there’s no explanation, and that even though he isn’t proud of the conclusion, it worked to end the fight fast.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit Plot Hole Eagles Mountain 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

There are plenty of reasons why the giant eagles of Middle-Earth didn’t just fly Frodo and the One Ring to Mt. Doom, but in the first prequel, it’s an even bigger problem. After saving the dwarves, the eagles make sure to drop them off miles from their goal – guaranteeing a second movie, but making no sense. The explanation from the books isn’t possible here either: since these eagles can’t speak, they can’t tell Gandalf that the favorite they owe only gets the dwarves this far. And the mountain they’re headed for? It’s still 200 miles away. Director Peter Jackson wanted to show it much closer, creating one ridiculous ending, and an insane plot hole.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 vs Whiplash 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

You gotta hand it to Whiplash, the villain of Iron Man’s second movie: he knows how to make an entrance. Disguising himself as a pit crew member during a race in the streets of Monte Carlo, he jumps onto the track, unleashing his weapons on Tony Stark when he’s most vulnerable. But there’s a problem: Tony only decided to race the Stark car minutes before the race, which Whiplash couldn’t have known. That makes the stolen disguise and the rest of his plan either insanely lucky, psychically predicted, or just a plot hole they hoped fans would overlook.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

fantastic beasts where find them movie script buckbeak 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

Believing that witches and wizards cast magical spells and charms is easy enough, but control over time and space is something completely different. Still, time travel was introduced in the third movie, which let Harry and Hermione rescue themselves.

Even if you accept that turning back time was only allowed for taking multiple classes, not undoing murders – which is hard to believe – the characters had no reason to feel rushed or panicked in the final act. If they screwed up completely, why wouldn’t they just go back and try again, knowing they already pulled it off?

Iron Man

Iron Man Armor Pepper Potts 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

Tony Stark might have used the magnet in his chest to keep him alive AND power his Iron Man armor, but things changed fast. You would think that making the armor run on his own arc reactor was a foolproof security system: since only he could use them.

It’s impossible enough that the suit can fit perfectly around almost anyone, but why would Tony leave them powered up, ready to be flown away by anyone who came across them? It’s required for the plot and villains to get the upper hand, but makes zero sense when you think about it.


transformers 5 filming detroi 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

It isn’t coincidence that brings massive alien machines to Earth in Transformers, but the AllSpark – the cube of energy that brings each Transformer to life. When the heroes take the cube on the run to keep Megatron from building a new army from Earth’s machines, things go wrong, fast.

But the AllSpark just gives life – so is every single machine born evil, immediately attacking innocent people? The only answer is that it’s a chest by the filmmakers – or all Transformers are Decepticons at birth. It’s a shame, too: seeing Earth machines joining the up with Optimus Prime would’ve been even cooler.

Fast & Furious 6

Fast Furious 6 Airplane Runway 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

No fan can forget the massive action set piece that closed out the movie, with the stars fighting to keep the villain’s plane from taking off, fighting in, under and around it. But the thirteen minute sequence raises one big question: How long is this runway? Movie magic is one thing, but when people actually sat down to do the math, they realized the runway would need to be close to 30 miles long for the scene to work as shown. Even for this series, that’s a stretch.

Back to the Future

Back to Future 3 Marty Hanging Choking 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

The final chapter in the trilogy kicks off when Doc Brown is sent back into 1885, frying his time machine’s circuits, and stranding him without repairs or even gasoline to return to the future. When Marty travels back to rescue him, half the problem is solved, but he has his own gas lines sliced, stranding them both.

But it shouldn’t have: Doc claims a gas station is still decades away, but by 1885, California’s oil rush was well underway – producing a ton of gasoline as a byproduct. Since combustion engines hadn’t been invented, Doc and Marty would have all the fuel they needed – for next to nothing.

The Empire Strikes Back

luke skywalker yoda 10 Movie Plot Holes That Cannot Be Explained

Once the opening battle on Hoth ends, the Star Wars heroes head their separate ways: Han and Leia head to Cloud City, while Luke sets out to find Yoda, and begin his Jedi training. The movie cuts back and forth, with Lando welcoming his friends, only to betray them to Vader immediately – and Luke undergoing what seems to be weeks, or months of training until he senses his friends in danger.

The timelines don’t add up, and fans have crafted some wild ways to explain the difference. Either it’s a plot hole, or becoming a Jedi was a lot easier than we thought.


Those are the clumsy, unnecessary, or unexplainable plot holes we found in some of our favorite movies, but which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this one.