15 Most WTF Things Jar Jar Binks Has Ever Done

Jar Jar Binks Star Wars Gungan Face Smile

Jar Jar Binks is the absolute worst. Ask almost anyone for the most hated character in Star Wars and they will surely show you his picture. And then stab it. But let's be honest here: calling Jar Jar horrible has grown into a bit of a cliché, and it underplays the positives he's given us over the years. Because for all the nonsensical blabbering and clumsy pitfalls, he's provided more jokes, memes, and bantha fodder than any other character in the franchise. And let's not forget the fact that he's brought millions of people together from all over the world through their shared hatred of his face.

We're not here to bash Jar Jar or add to the already impressive number of websites listing ways to kill him., just to point out the many effed up things he's done and occasionally laugh at his expense. Of course, there's more to Jar Jar than just death, destruction, and mooie, mooie, but we'll let his awful resume speak for itself. Without a doubt, he has earned the title of “worst” more than anyone, thing, or Ewok out there. But for better or worse, he's an intricate part of Star Wars lore, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the best screw-ups the Gungan everyone loves to hate has to offer.

Here are the 15 Most WTF Things Jar Jar Binks Has Ever Done.

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Jar Jar Binks Qui Gon Jinn Star Wars Phantom Menace
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15 Confessing His Wuv to Qui-Gon

Jar Jar Binks Qui Gon Jinn Star Wars Phantom Menace

Moviegoers and Jar Jar didn't exactly get off on the right foot. Qui-Gon Jinn is fleeing from a fleet of hover tanks when he takes a turn right into the absurd by running into the outstretched arms of a lizard-man whose face looks as if a camel and pterodactyl made sweet love and then left their baby out in the sun too long. They clumsily fall in an awkward hug, after which Jar Jar introduces himself in the most uncomfortable way possible -- by telling Qui-Gon that he loves him. After an entrance like that, you can understand why anyone watching might concernedly ask: what is happening?

Saying “oh, mooie, mooie I wuv you” is probably not the best way to introduce yourself, especially to a space samurai that looks like Liam Neeson. Or an audience that has been anxiously waiting 16 years to see Darth Vader again. and yet, there we were. An incredibly awkward moment capped off by Qui-Gon telling him to scram and stating, “the ability to speak does not make you intelligent.” Unfortunately, Jar Jar doesn't take the cue, and this was just the beginning of an uncomfortable, unwanted, and often times painful relationship between him, Qui-Gon, and the rest of us.

14 Eating a Mooie, Mooie Grog

Jar Jar Binks Eating Star Wars Phantom Menace

What's particularly disturbing about Jar Jar saying “mooie, mooie” to Qui-Gon is that he says the same exact thing later on to a dead hanging frog right before eating it. The scene is made all the more unsettling by the appearance of his gangly tongue and complete lack of respect for all normal social conduct. But then again, that's just Jar Jar being Jar Jar.

Of course, Gragra the Gorgmonger (a nickname for a seller of grogs, aka barbecued frogs) might see things differently. When Jar Jar's sticky tongue finds its away around some of Gragra's product, she informs him that thing sticking out of his mouth costs seven wupiupi. Apparently, this is too expensive for the Gungan's tastes, and he spits it out in as dramatic a Jar Jar fashion as possible. The grog lands in local podracer legend Sebulba's soup, and he nearly beats Binks to a pulp before young Anakin Skywalker intervenes. Though that's neither here nor there. The important takeaway is that Jar Jar makes the same nonsensical noises to people he loves as he does to the things he eats. And that he also has a total disregard for other people's belongings and soup.

13 Opening His Mouth

Jar Jar Binks Mouth Open Star Wars Phantom Menace

An incredibly gross and unnaturally long tongue isn't the only ridiculous thing to come out of Jar Jar's mouth. There's also every word he's ever uttered. From his very first “mesa” to his constant use of “yousa” and all the other times he spake, Binks' dialogue is as much confusing as it is unique. Some might say it's like nails on a chalkboard, while others might find it endearingly comical. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is for sure: there's nothing quite like the voice of Jar Jar Binks.

Be warned, saying these quotes might produce an unsettling pain in your chest or bewildered look on your face, but we dare you not to read them in his voice. Take for instance: “Mesa cause one, two-y little bitty axadentes, huh? Yud say boom de gasser, den crashin der boss’s heyblibber, den banished.” Or how about the cringe-inducing, “ex-squeeze me.” Then there's “how wude!” -- a line he apparently stole from Stephanie Tanner on Full House. Granted, it's not just Jar Jar, but his entire race that talks like this. Yet he seems to have taken their language to a whole new level of buffoonery. The actor who played Jar Jar in the movies theorized that George Lucas developed Gunganese based on the way his six-year-old son processed language. Do with that what you will.

12 Proving Useful in Battle

Jar Jar Binks Invasion of Naboo Star Wars Phantom Menace

Jar Jar's ineptitude is on full display during the climatic battle of The Phantom Menace. As the Gungan Grand Army dukes it out with the Trade Federation's droid army, it immediately grows apparent that Binks has absolutely no business on a battlefield. Yet, ironically, as it turns out, there are few beings we'd rather have on our team during a fight.

With a knack for getting into trouble that puts C-3PO to shame, Jar Jar manages to use a droid's torso as a one-foot killing machine and accidentally let loose a barrage of giant Booma energy grenades that take out multiple enemies, including a tank. Now none of this actually makes a difference -- that was left to an equally as fortunate dose of dumb luck on young Anakin's part -- but it did amazingly show how, through a combination of incompetence and cowardice, Jar Jar can simultaneously be of absolutely no use at all and a valued fighter for the cause. Seriously, the guy's invincible, and has the darndest luck this side of Naboo; exactly the type of idiot you want on your side when the poodoo hits the fan.

11 Spitting in Padmé's Face

Jar Jar Binks Spit on Padme Clone Wars

Rarely does Jar Jar do something so wholeheartedly intelligent as when he spat in Padmé Amidala's face. Sure, most of the time he ends up unintentionally saving the day through well-timed clumsiness, but when he comes up with a brilliant idea in the heat of the moment that puts everyone else to shame, we have to give credit where credit is due. Even if it's totally disgusting.

During season 4 of The Clone Wars, civil war fueled by Count Dooku has broken out on the water planet of Mon Calamari. His sharktilian commander Riff Tamson is sent to disrupt the situation and captures Jedi Masters Anakin Skywalker and Kit Fisto, along with Padmé and Jar Jar. Riff attempts to intimidate them by biting Padmé in the head. Luckily, since they're all underwater, she's wearing a helmet. Not so luckily, it punctures a hole in her helmet, and the two Jedi are helpless to stop her from drowning. That's when, out of nowhere, Jar Jar hocks a loogie at her, sealing the breach with his incredibly gross but equally as handy water-proofing saliva. Smart thinking for a guy that once stuck his head in the energy stream of a pod racer. Still messed up, though.

10 Getting Appointed to the Galactic Senate

Jar Jar Binks Galactic Senate Representative

If Jar Jar has no business on a battlefield, he definitely doesn’t belong in politics. Yet following the invasion of Naboo, he was appointed as a Junior Representative to the Galactic Senate. While not inherently possessing the power to vote or enact meaningful change, a Representative could take on these duties if the elected senatorial official from their home world is otherwise unavailable, which, as we'll see, is a horrible policy. And definitely not something you want in the hands of Jar Jar Binks.

However, unlike most of the entries on this list, this one's not on him. Senator Amidala should have known better than to give someone who was once exiled by his own people for being too clumsy the ability to dictate galactic law. But Padmé has a soft spot for the Gungan, and hasn't exactly had an easy go of finding trustworthy allies, with the multiple attempts on her life and all. If nothing else, Jar Jar's loyalty is commendable, and the fact that he is easily coerced into doing whatever you want makes him an ideal sidekick. Which, on second thought, maybe also makes him a perfect politician. Just not one we'd want representing us.

9 Destroying Padmé's Spaceship

Jar Jar Binks Destroys Ship Master Bombad Clone Wars

Padmé, C-3PO, and Jar Jar are sent on a secret mission to Rodia to broker a deal and keep the planet's allegiance with the Republic. Jar Jar and Threepio stay with the ship as Padmé heads off to the negotiations. Everything goes awry when the Rodians betray them, Padmé is taken prisoner, and droids are dispatched to take out Jar Jar and Threepio. Through every fault of his own, Binks ends up destroying the droids by tripping over some wires and activating a massive magnetic crane. He later boasts about saving C-3PO's life only to confidently lean up against the main controls like a jackass and drop the crane on the ship they arrived on, splitting it clean in half and ruining any chance they had of signaling for help.

Some of Jar Jar's biggest WTF moments aren't shocking in so much as they are head smacking. Just when it looks like he's pulled off something useful, he lets it go to his head and smashes Padmé's best means of rescue. Eventually, Jar Jar ends up saving the day (after ruining it in the first place), but not before coming up with an even more asinine plan...

8 Impersonating a Jedi

Jar Jar Binks Jedi Master Bombad Clone Wars

During the concluding half of The Clone Wars episode where Jar Jar destroys Padmé's ship, he and Threepio remain as the only things standing between her and execution. After finding a mysterious Jedi cloak in the remains of the craft, Binks comes up with the bright idea to put it on so he can track her down, incognito-style. Of course, the first droid he comes across mistakes him for a Jedi, and all hell breaks loose.

We're not sure what's crazier here: Jar Jar thinking it's a good idea to wear a Jedi's clothes or someone actually believing he could be a Jedi. Regardless, he embraces the disguise, and at the first sign of trouble, runs the other way. As for Padmé, she rescues herself and then Threepio, who ended up in a dismantling facility (which is par for the course for him, really). Eventually, Jar Jar unsuccessfully tries to use some Jedi mind tricks and then befriends a swamp monster who he rides in to save the day, or something. It doesn't really matter. Point is, impersonating a Jedi is ridiculous. Like telling your friends you're Batman.

7 Juggling Plates Like a Boss

Jar Jar Binks Conceptual Art Distraction Clone Wars

Jar Jar may seem like a clown most of the time, but you'd be surprised just how graceful he can be. Or at least has been. Once. During the third season of The Clone Wars, the planet of Ryloth is under siege. Senator Bail Organa, the eventual adoptive father of Princess Leia, has been sent with Jar Jar Binks to the neighboring Toydaira on a mission to convince their neutral government to send aid to Ryloth. Concurrently, a Trade Federation envoy tries to persuade the Tyodarians to join their cause instead, unaware that the planet has already agreed to secretly help the Republic. Thus sets the stage for a Jar Jar Binks one-man plate-throwing show.

While Organa assists in loading the relief ships, he has Jar Jar (of all people) distract the envoy during a banquet -- a task the Gungan performs with an extraordinary dexterity that would make David Copperfield proud. Demonstrating what he calls “a conceptual work of art,” Jar Jar balances several plates and glasses into a seemingly impossible tower by nonchalantly tossing them on top of one another. Apparently, everyone in attendance is a big fan of plate stacking, because the act is a hit, not to mention that it's proves to be a successful diversion First off, Jar Jar using the words “conceptual” and “art” is mind-blowing in itself. But watching him go from a wobbling maniac one minute to a juggling Houdini the next is reason enough for us all to stand up and applaud.

6 Seducing the Queen of Bardotta

Jar Jar Binks Kisses Queen Julia of Bardotta Clone Wars

Amazingly, having Mace Windu pretend to be his servant in not the craziest thing Jar Jar Binks does during this episode of The Clone Wars. That honor goes to the revelation that the Gungan goof once had a girlfriend, as unnatural as that might seem.

The peaceful world of Bardotta and its mystical ways are being threatened by an ancient prophecy. Naturally, its Queen calls in Jar Jar Binks to help. It turns out that they have quite the history, and he is her most trusted “friend” in all the galaxy. When they meet, Queen Julia empties her throne chamber so she can speak to Jar Jar alone and then wastes no time petting his face, calling him “my love” and kissing him. We'll repeat that -- a female kisses Jar Jar Binks. On the lips. Of her own accord. She then asks him to meditate “so their minds may be as one.” Which is not innuendo; apparently, that's sexy talk for doing tai-chi.

When Mace gets suspicious of their slow movements, Yoda surmises that the Queen is attracted to Jar Jar's childlike mind, which is probably the most disturbing thing he's ever surmised. Though maybe Yoda's wrong, since Jar Jar later implies he's loving the Queen to get information out of her. Because this episode wasn't messed up enough already.

5 Being a Racial Stereotype

Jar Jar Binks Smiling Star Wars Phantom Menace

Claims of racism in the Star Wars films is nothing new. Some felt the cast of A New Hope was too white, save for the evil voice of James Earl Jones. The Phantom Menace alone has been accused of negatively portraying Asians, Jewish people, Arabs, Italian-Americans, Latinos, midgets and women. We'll leave it up to you to decide how valid these points are.

As for Jar Jar, he's received the most ridicule. Granted, his oft perceived stereotyping is not the character's fault. Lucas himself acknowledged Jar Jar's origins were based on the likes of Stepin Fetchit and Amos and Andy, who admittedly aren't the best inspirations for comic relief in this day and age. His pseudo-Jamaican accent and Rastafarian-esque dreadlocked ears don't help much either. Whether Jar Jar is actually a racist character is up for debate, but the fact his saying things like “mesa” offended so many people can't be ignored. Guess there’s an argument to be made that Jar Jar's not bad, he’s just CGI’d that way.

4 Infecting Padmé with a Deadly Plague

Jar Jar Binks Blue Shadow Virus Clone Wars

No one feels the brunt of Jar Jar's missteps more than Padmé Amidala. Then again, no one has had her back more often than Jar Jar, which just goes to show his Gungan heart is always in the right place, even if his actions are far from it. Towards the end of season one of The Clone WarsPadmé and Jar Jar search for a secret Separatist bio-weapons lab on Naboo in hopes of stopping the release of a deadly disease known as the Blue Shadow Virus. After they find it and Anakin Skywalker's apprentice Ahsoka arrives to help with several clones, one of the bombs containing the virus goes off. Everyone in the lab, save for Jar Jar and Padmé are infected, who are able to put on evac suits in time. A fight then breaks out to stop some droids from leaving the facility and releasing the virus into Naboo's atmosphere, during which a hole is ripped in Padmé's suit and she too is infected.

And how did she rip her suit? Because Jar Jar was recklessly firing a blaster that ricocheted off Ahsoka's lightsaber back at him. To save his life, Padmé tackles Jar Jar and tears the tubing of her suit in the process. Oddly, Ahsoka apologizes for this and Jar Jar does not, because that's how he rolls. Also of note is the fact that he's conveniently the only one not to get infected out of the group. Eventually, an antidote is found, though not before Padmé nearly dies and presumably loses years off her life. Moral of the story: don't be friends with Jar Jar Binks.

3 Trash Talking the Force

A rather odd moment occurs early on during The Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Jar Jar are navigating the Nabooian oceans in a submarine. Following several sea monster attacks, they're now floating around damaged and in the dark as Jar Jar whines about their predicament. When Qui-Gon mentions that the Force will guide them, Binks rolls his eyes and sarcastically rants, “Ohh, maxi big, da Force. Well, dat smells stinkowiff.

The thing is, when Han Solo calls the Force “simple tricks and nonsense” it's okay because he's awesome and does a lot of awesome things. Jar Jar Binks, on the other hand, commonly trips over his own two-feet. Now we have no idea what he's actually saying, but it sure sounds like he's calling the Force some big, shiny worthless nonexistent thing in the sky/relating it to a piece of poop. Which is just not cool. You could even say we find his lack of faith disturbing. Especially for a creature that just had his life saved several times over by two devout Jedi. Fittingly, Qui-Gon shuts him up by Force drugging him with a good old fashioned Jedi nerve pinch. Whaddya think of that stinkowiff now?

2 Killing a Senator

Jar Jar Binks Kills Senator Kharrus clone Wars

Count Dooku (still thought to be on the side of the Republic) is being held prisoner by space pirates. Chancellor Palpatine sends Senator Kharrus with Jar Jar in tow to deliver the ransom for the Count's release. While on route, Jar Jar is unable to get strapped into his seat, so when a pirate ship attacks them mid-air, he's left to wander freely. While he tries to get his bearings during the chaotic fight, he accidentally distracts the pilots, which leads the ship to take a fatal hit.

Senator Kharrus gets up to help Jar Jar strap in, but doesn't have enough time to safely return to his own seat. The ship crashes and Kharrus gets thrown against the bulwark, presumably breaking every bone in his body in what must have been a really agonizing and painful death. Also, the two pilots of the ship die. So to recap, Jar Jar directly causes the deaths of three people, including a valued member of the Galactic Senate, because he doesn't know how to use a seat belt properly.

1 Giving Palpatine Authoritarian Control, Causing Billions of Deaths, and Starting Galactic War

Most of Jar Jar's clumsy mishaps are a nuisance at best and rarely cause any real harm. That is until you come across this moment. During The Attack of the Clones, yet another attempt on Senator Amidala's life sends her into hiding and leaves Jar Jar to take her place in the Galactic Senate. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, aka the Sith lord Darth Sidious, tactfully manipulates him into proposing the Senate give him all-encompassing emergency powers. Jar Jar takes the bait and proudly gives the speech of a lifetime, persuading everyone in attendance to support the proposal while directly contradicting everything Padmé fought so hard to prevent. And this is why we should never place incompetent and inexperienced people in positions of power. Nothing short of the Star Wars will result.

If Jar Jar Binks were more capable, he would not have been so easily persuaded to convince the Senate to abandon democracy. As a result, the Clone Wars would most likely never have happened, the Jedi would still be alive, the Empire never in power, the Death Star never constructed, and the planet of Alderaan never blown to smithereens. Luke would still have his hand, Princess Leia would never have been put in a bikini for Jabba the Hutt's slovenly pleasure, Boba Fett would have lived a long and propserous life, poor Porkins would still be alive, Kylo Ren would never have been born, Hosnian Prime wouldn't have been vaporized by Starkiller base, and Han would still be off doing Han. The list goes on. Point is, pretty much all the death, destruction, and limb loss that followed this moment was thanks in large part to Jar Jar Binks.

Of course, there is a positive way to spin all this. We have Jar Jar to thank for giving the original Star Wars trilogy a reason to exist. Think about that next time you're cursing the day he was born (or spitting in your face).


Has Jar Jar Binks done any other effed up things? Has he gotten a bad rap all these years, or does he deserve to die a horrible death? Let us know in the comments.

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