14Colin Farrell as Bullseye (Daredevil)

Colin Farrell as Bullseye in Daredevil

Colin Farrell is, more times than not, unfairly chastised in Hollywood. Truth be told, Farrell has some real acting chops that indeed shine through when given the right material, like in the 2008 dark comedy In Bruges. Unfortunately, Farrell frequently takes film roles that just seem to be him going through the

motions by irritatingly overacting, and such was the case in 2003’s widely-maligned Daredevil.

In the first onscreen depiction of the blind defender of Hell's Kitchen, Farrell plays the psychopathic assassin Bullseye, who deviates so far from the source material, you would think the filmmakers had never even picked up a comic before. This version of Bullseye has an Irish background, due to Farrell's accent, and his traditional costume is completely thrown out for an all leather biker wardrobe that would look far more suitable in a comical farce like Road Hogs. In all fairness to Mr. Farrell, most of the things in Daredevil missed the mark, which was visually and ambitiously lackluster.

Oh, and while the forehead branding is an obvious homage to the character's more traditional look, it simply doesn't work. At all. Here's hoping Netflix handles the character a bit better, should a third season of Daredevil indeed become a reality.

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