The Worst Things Homer Simpson Has Ever Done, Ranked

Homer Simpson, the patriarchal figure of the Simpson family, is without a doubt the star of the hit cartoon show, The Simpsons. However, just because he's one of the main characters doesn't mean he's an exemplary person. Calling Homer a model citizen wouldn't just be a joke, it would be an outright lie. Homer is the opposite of whatever a model citizen is.

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He's done so many horrible things to the citizens of Springfield and his own family, it's almost impossible to count them all. The key word there is "almost." Read on if you want to know about all the terrible things Homer Simpson has done in order from bad to absolutely, shockingly abysmal.

10 Polluting Springfield And Causing It To Be Domed

In The Simpsons Movie, Homer dooms his town to life under a dome by being the polluted straw that contaminates the camel's back. After pulling itself back from the brink of an environmental disaster at Lake Springfield, the citizens celebrate a job well done. Little did they know that Homer would dump a silo's worth of porcine fecal matter into the lake, pushing them back into dangerous pollution levels. The US government decides to isolate Springfield under a big glass dome all thanks to Homer's inability to wait in line at a waste disposal center.

9 Spying On Marge's Therapy Sessions

Having personal space is an important aspect of any relationship. Homer doesn't know the meaning of privacy or boundaries. After finding out that Marge is wearing Oogle Goggles (glasses that take video of whatever the person who is wearing them is doing), Homer elects to spy on her.

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He watches video of her time at her therapist's. We suppose causing a whole town to be placed under a glass dome is worse than spying on someone, but in this instance, Homer intentionally intruded on his wife's privacy. Ignorance and stupidity caused the glass dome incident.

8 Ruining Ned's Leftorium Business

Homer's rivalry with neighbor Ned Flanders is legendary. A list about Homer's worst moments wouldn't be complete without mentioning the time Homer financially ruined him. Flanders tries starting a new business by opening a store with products for left-handed people. Homer goes out of his way to hurt Flanders' business. He makes wishes for it to fail, and he refuses to assist when he really could have. By the end of the episode, Flanders and his family were practically living in their car because of how much they lost. And the worst thing about this story? Homer's gloating.

7 Trying To Force Bart To Be More "Masculine"

The Simpsons Steel Mill

Homer and Bart's relationship is filled with moments of abuse. One awful case was when Homer began to fear that Bart was gay. The inappropriateness of fearing something like that aside, Homer's plans to remedy the situation were terrible.

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The worst thing he tried was forcing Bart to shoot a deer in order to toughen him up. He dragged poor Bart to Santa's village to try hunting a reindeer. Luckily, the reindeer turned out to be vicious and unhappy with Homer's attempts to kill them.

6 Framing Marge For Drunk Driving

Marge puts up with a lot by being Homer's wife. If you ask us, she should have left him years ago. In fact, she should have left him after he framed her into getting a DUI. After a night of heavy drinking for the both of them, Homer gets into an accident while driving them home. He then situates things to look like Marge was driving. She gets arrested and blamed for the whole thing. She has to go to rehab afterward. And can you believe she ends up forgiving him when he confesses?

5 Getting Ned's Wife Killed With A T-Shirt Cannon

Maude Flanders in The Simpsons

This is the point in our list where lives are on the line. From this point on, Homer is responsible for people's deaths. In regards to Ned's wife, Homer unintentionally caused her death by ducking at an inopportune time.

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After arranging for a T-shirt cannon to be shot at him, Homer chickens out when it's fired. He ducks down, and Ned's wife, a slimmer and more frail person than Homer, was standing right behind him. She takes the full brunt of the shot, falls down, and ends up dying.

4 Ignoring Gun Safety

Simpsons Cartridge Family Homer Gun

Homer's recklessness with firearms, while comedic to watch on our television screens, made anyone who knows the danger of a gun wince with horror. He twirled his gun around like a party favor, left it unguarded in a residence with children, and fired it at mundane items just for fun. While no one on the show was offed, Homer's complete disregard for everyone's safety was horrific. This is where Homer's irresponsibility could have proved fatal.

3 Lets His Dad's Kidney Explode

While driving in the car with his father, Homer refuses to make any bathroom stops. Even though his father begs for a pee break, Homer just says no. The situation escalates when Homer's father's kidney explodes from holding it in.

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As if Homer's life-threatening disrespect was not enough, later in the episode, he refuses to donate his own kidney to save his father's life. He flees from the hospital before the procedure. If he was inconsiderate enough to disregard his father's pleas, the least he could do is donate an organ to save his dad's life, right?

2 Strangling Bart Since He Was A Toddler

Homer choking the life out of Bart is a shtick that has been run since the beginning of The Simpsons. While this sign of fatherly abuse is considered to be a riot, if you really think about it, it's one of the worst things that Homer does on the show.

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Since Bart was a toddler, he has had to endure the rough hands of his father around his neck. If that were to be portrayed in a show that was not animated, the father would be denounced for a monster.

1 Attempted To Blow Up Town Hall

After finding out his family got their area code changed without his knowledge, Homer goes to Town Hall to protest. During the meeting, Homer pulls off his jacket to reveal he's wearing a bomb belt. Because the bombs were made by himself, they don't go off, but the fact of the matter is that Homer was trying to blow up a town meeting. He was intentionally trying to murder everyone in that room with the explosion. That's not just ignorance; that's malice.

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