15“The Broken Man” (6x07)

Game of Thrones The Broken Man

The episode most famous for reintroducing the Hound, “The Broken Man” just struggles to keep its momentum following the cold open reveal of an alive-and-well Sandor Clegane. The season six episode also wastes actor Ian McShane, who dies within the hour, and whose only purpose is to

update us on how the Hound survived his battle with Brienne.

Though we are introduced to one of the breakout stars of season six in Lyanna Mormont, Jon and Sansa’s story is merely build-up to Bastard Bowl. Sansa later kicks up a fuss over recruiting more houses, while keeping from Jon the fairly crucial information that the Knights of the Vale are on standby.

Finally, Arya is caught off guard by the Waif in disguise (more on her later), despite two seasons’ worth of training with people who can literally change their faces.

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