The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

Family Guy is about to start its 18th season. With so many episodes under its belt, not all of them are beloved by fans. At the end of the day, this animated series is not about a realistic family like The Simpsons. Family Guy is about cardboard characters put in ridiculous situations while pop culture references fly by at a million miles a minute.

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That is what people love about Family Guy, though. The problems come when fans get something they were not expecting. Sometimes, it ends up as something special and unique. Other times, it ends up as something fans hate, and they make sure everyone knows. Here are the 10 worst Family Guy episodes based on IMDb scores.

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The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb
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10 The 2,000-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN (13.06, 5.8)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

Released in season 13, "The 2,000-Year Old Virgin" is a Family Guy episode focusing on Jesus. He was hanging out in Quahog, claiming he wanted to lose his virginity. Jesus offers Peter a massage chair if he allows him to lose his virginity to Lois. The problem is that it turns out Jesus lied about being a virgin and does this every year.

As expected, any episode mocking Jesus -- especially one that takes this angle -- will find a lot of people blasting it. "The 2,000-Year Old Virgin" ended up as the 10th lowest-ranked episode in Family Guy history. To their credit, the producers said before the season started that they had an episode they knew would cause a negative backlash.

9 STEWIE IS ENCEINTE (13.12, 5.8)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

Seth MacFarlane was on a tear in season 13. Just six episodes after offending Christians with his portrayal of Jesus, he created an episode that was equally hated. The plot of "Stewie is Enceinte" was simple. Brian doesn't want to hang out with Stewie anymore, so Stewie uses the dog's DNA to impregnate himself to try to force him back.

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There was a subplot with Peter trying to make a viral video, but it was just there to give small breaks to Stewie and Brian's story. The episode was going for shock value, but there was little humor in it, leaving many feeling uncomfortable. Without the laughs, it just fell flat.

8 SEND IN STEWIE, PLEASE (16.12, 5.8)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

Sometimes a poorly rated episode for fans has the opposite reaction by critics. When it comes to viewers, "Send in Stewie, Please" from season 16 was the eighth worst-rated episode of Family Guy ever. However, this episode received a Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Writing in Animation, so what made this so polarizing?

The episode was not a typical Family Guy episode. It lasted for 28 minutes, with no commercials and no cutaway jokes, like fans have grown to expect. There is also no one from the Griffin family other than Stewie until Brian shows up at the end. Stewie goes to see a therapist (voiced by Ian McKellen), and while some thought it was fascinating, others hated every second of it.

7 VESTIGIAL PETER (12.2, 5.7)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

Season 12 has more hated episodes than any other season of Family Guy, with four ranked as the seven worst on IMDb. It all started with the second episode of the season, "Vestigial Peter." The episode has Peter notice a lump on his neck. It turns out to be his vestigial twin Chip, who develops a winning personality and wins over Peter's family.

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What likely turned off most people voting this episode down were the neverending jokes themselves. There was one transphobic joke that turned a lot of people off and at least three homophobic jokes that did the same. These jokes are built into Family Guy on the whole, but they were overwhelming in this episode, hurting the episode's popularity in a ranking system like IMDb.

6 HERPE, THE LOVE SORE (12.16, 5.6)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

The second of four episodes from season 12 of Family Guy on this list, "Herpe, the Love Sore," is a Stewie and Brian-centric episode. While these are usually the best episodes of the series, this one seemed to take viewers aback, and they voted it one of their least liked episodes of the series to date.

In this episode, Stewie and Brian decided to become blood brothers, but there was one problem. Brian was embarrassed to tell Stewie that he had herpes until after the fact and gave it to Stewie. Overall, the episode was lackluster in terms of jokes. Honestly, the downvoting likely came from fans who didn't like how the show treated Brian this season.

5 CON HEIRESS (17.08, 5.6)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

This 17th season episode of Family Guy has the main story being Stewie and Brian trying to run a con on a widowed, very wealthy heiress. They then learn Quagmire is doing the same thing. Meanwhile, Peter shows Chris how to mow lawns and attracts the attention of Herbert.

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The biggest complaints in this episode come from the running jokes. The one people seemed to hate the most is the "long name gag." This gag sees them spend almost two minutes saying one name -- and then repeating the joke four more times in the episode. That is eight minutes of a 20+ minute episode on one gag. There are also long song-and-dance numbers that seemed like filler as well.

4 TRUMP GUY (17.11, 5.3)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

If any television comedy wants to guarantee low rankings on fan-voted polls, have that show make fun of President Donald Trump. On the 17th season episode of Family Guy, the show did exactly that. The episode was named "Trump Guy" for good measure.

Peter takes a job working for President Trump in Washington, D.C., and things go well at first. However, after Trump molests Meg twice, the Griffin family turns on him, but Trump blasts Peter for being a bad role model. In the end, the episode asks all Americans to read the Steele dossier, and the political nature ensured this episode would receive a low rating from fans of the current president.

3 FRESH HEIR (12.14, 5.3)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

What made "Fresh Heir" so polarizing for fans was the disturbing content that took place in the episode. The episode starts with Carter breaking his leg, and the only member of the Griffin family who will stay with him and help him is Chris. The two hit it off so well (Chris teaches Carter masturbation through a handjob) that Chris becomes the sole heir of Carter's estate.

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This revelation causes Peter to want to spend time with his son, after neglecting him for most of his life. Peter tricks Lois into divorcing him so he can marry Chris for his future inheritance. Most of the fan complaints are due to the incest jokes in the episode, something some fans claim drove them away from Family Guy.

2 LIFE OF BRIAN (12.06, 4.4)

The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

It is no surprise that one of the most hated episodes of Family Guy in history was the one where Brian died. Fans rioted after this episode. When the series producers claimed Brian was dead for good, fans started petitions and rejected his replacement, Vinny.

The episode was heartwrenching with the beloved character dying, but many fans hated every minute of it. Seth MacFarlane said he was surprised at the fan's reaction to the loss of a cartoon family's pet. However, he said it proved Brian was a great character. Brian returned two episodes later.


The 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes Ever According To IMDb

While "Life of Brian" was the show that made a ton of fans threaten to boycott Family Guy, it was not the most hated episode based on IMDb voters. Instead, the only episode to not even hit a 4-out-of-10 rating was the 17th season episode "You Can't Handle the Booth."

This episode had the Griffin family record a DVD commentary track for a fictional episode of Family Guy. The Griffins even meet the people who voice them. In the commentary, Lois claims Peter used to be married to Sarah Paulson, and Chris might be Philip Seymour Hoffman's son. The episode received 99 reviews on IMDb, most negative with viewers calling it "boring" as the commentary playing out over the episode.

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