The 10 Worst Episodes Of Dragon Ball GT Ever (According to IMDb)

It goes without saying, then, that Dragon Ball GT as a whole isn’t reviewed too well on IMDb. Surprisingly, though, its score aren’t that much worse than Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z. Granted, this is because far fewer fans have voted on GT than they have DB or DBZ, but this might give the impression that Dragon Ball GT is better than it actually is. 

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10 Collapse From Within (6.4)

“Collapse From Within” might actually have scored better were it not Dragon Ball GT’s infamous laxative episode. This episode sees Pan force feeding everyone on Earth laxatives so that they can break free from Baby’s possession. It… doesn’t work. While it’s certainly humorous, it just feels tonally out of place. 

While this is happening, Goku is fighting for his life in a bizarre board game and Baby Gohan is squaring off against Uub. This should be an exciting episode, but Pan trying to get everyone to poop so they can stop being possessed by Baby is dumb even for Dragon Ball GT

9 Dance And Attack (6.4)

The fact this episode isn’t dead last is frankly shocking considering how much vitriol the Para Para Brothers get as a whole. As an episode dedicated to dancing, this is considered one of Dragon Ball GT’s worst early moments. Which probably explains why it isn’t rated much lower: most fans don’t bother watching this episode. 

The ones that do, likely recognize it as below average, but not particularly awful either. When it comes down to it, the Para Para Brothers are pretty inoffensive in the grand scheme of things. They’re annoying and that does contribute to this episode coming off as bland but they’re out of mind soon enough. 

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8 Like Pulling Teeth (6.4)

For as reviled as the Hunt for the Black Star Dragon Balls arc is, it does stand out as one of the least offensive parts of Dragon Ball GT. It rarely if ever makes for particularly compelling television, but it feels far from the worst of Dragon Ball GT. That said, so many episodes from this arc are near the bottom as far as IMDb is concerned. 

This is likely due to the fact that Funimation held these initial few episodes until after the series had begun its serialization in the west. Funimation then rebranded this arc as “The Lost Episodes,” generating interest in a chunk of Dragon Ball GT that they were certain fans would dislike. Naturally, it seems like even the new branding wasn’t enough to save the arc from ire. 

7 A Devastating Wish (6.4)

All things considered, Dragon Ball GT’s first episode is probably rated so low due to the fact that it’s what kicks off Dragon Ball GT. Uub is immediately pushed to the wayside, Goku is turned into a child within minutes, and all the action is fairly uninspired for Dragon Ball. It makes “A Devastating Wish” quite the underwhelming opener. 

It isn’t all bad, though. It’s decently animated and character interactions are handled pretty well. That’s likely why the episode gets by with a 6.4. Interestingly, the second episode sees a massive dip in the score, though this is likely due to the first episode keeping things fairly centered on Earth with a familiar cast. 

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6 Pan Blasts Off (6.0)

The same unfortunately cannot be said for “Pan Blasts Off,” which basically eases Dragon Ball GT into the format that’ll eventually go on to kill it. While the hunt for the Black Star Dragon Balls is a good idea in theory, Dragon Ball GT messes things up by pairing Goku off with Pan and Trunks, two characters that just don’t have the right staying power. 

Their dynamics don’t play off each other that well either. Goku, Bulma, and Oolong were all designed to bounce off one another, but Goku, Pan, and Trunks aren’t written the same way. Worse yet, Trunks is only involved as a means of invoking Bulma, but he’s a significantly drier character. The writing’s on the wall with “Pan Blasts Off.”

5 The Game After Life (5.7)

“The Game After Life” should be one of the Baby arc’s better episodes. Baby has fully possessed the main cast, he’s wished on the Black Star Dragon Balls thus rendering Goku’s quest null, and Goku is seemingly dead. It’s the Baby arc reaching its dramatic climax… and it opts to have Goku play a board game. 

This episode also marks the last time the Black Star Dragon Balls are seen. Naturally, this should be an important moment for Dragon Ball GT, but it’s handled like an afterthought. It’s just disappointing how quickly the Baby arc throws away a good moment. 

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4 Whisker Power (5.7)

Dragon Ball GT is at its absolute worst when it’s trying to call back to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. When GT opts to do its own thing, it typically does fine. Unfortunately, its attempts at calling back to the series’ first story arc during the Hunt for the Black Star Dragon Balls arc leaves… a lot to be desired. 

Toei just retreads ground that Toriyama already covered years ago, and much better. “Whisker Power” feels like a mix of the Gyumao and Oolong portions of the first story arc (and it’s worth mentioning that GT steals the original Oolong plot outright.) As a result, “Whisker Power” feels like shoddily written familiar ground. 

3 Trunks, The Bride (5.5)

The episode right before “Whisker Power,” “Trunks, The Bride” is Dragon Ball GT’s version of “Oolong the Terrible,” and… it’s way worse. Trunks ends up taking Goku’s role as the crossdresser in this episode, but it’s fetishized in a way that Goku's wasn’t— already making the situation weirder. 

Worse yet, the episode doesn’t go beyond the Oolong parallel. What fans see is what they get: “Oolong the Terrible” in outer space. As far as Dragon Ball GT episode premises go, this might be the single laziest one. Homage should comment on what it’s taking inspiration from, not just blatantly steal ideas. 

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2 The Seven-Star Dragon (5.4)

The Evil Dragons arc is usually considered Dragon Ball GT’s best by most fans, but that may just be because the ending does manage to pull off the sentimentality of saying goodbye to Dragon Ball. Unfortunately, the build up to the ending isn’t nearly as well handled. 

What makes this episode frustrating is the fact that Naturon Shenron could have been over and done with in a single episode. Goku actually does manage to beat him. Annoyingly, it turns out Naturon survived the fight, making the whole episode come off feeling like padding. Tragically, Naturon Shenron’s onslaught wouldn’t stop there. 

1 Saying Goodbye (5.1)

The episode that immediately succeeds “The Seven-Star Dragon” is considered Dragon Ball GT’s single worst episode and for good reason. “Saying Goodbye” is a colossal waste of time that just plays out like “The Seven-Star Dragon” Part 2. Worse yet, the next episode is a clip show and it isn’t rated nearly as low as “Saying Goodbye.”When it comes down to it, “Saying Goodbye” doesn’t offer anything meaningful or special to Dragon Ball GT— the series’ perpetual flaw. “Saying Goodbye” exemplifies everything wrong in Dragon Ball GT, to the point that an episode full of new footage is rated lower than a literal clip show.

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